Wednesday, February 7, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman #40

No, Bruce and Diana aren't going to be a thing that ruins everyone's good time... save that for Brave and the Bold, SARCASTIC WINK.

The Spoilers:

So yes, Bruce and Diana fucking around, because it's been years and all they've done is fight. It's so playful that Diana tells Bruce if he isn't good (to Selina) that she'll personally beat his ass... Speaking of beating someone's ass, Selina isn't taking too kindly to the news that her fiance has been trapped in another dimension for years on end. Turns out, neither Bruce or Diana knew of that stipulation. Selina demands the Gentle Man return to his battle, but he won't leave without seeing his wife.

So Selina goes on with it, not so silently tapping her metaphoric foot the whole time. Ultimately, it's all about love, Selina observing Gentle Man and his wife, how it relates to her relationship, all that mushy stuff.

Ultimately time is up and the Gentle Man returns, as Bruce and Diana are met with a teary eyed Selina. Before she leaves, Diana asks what she shall tell the Gentle Man should he ask for a break again. Bruce is about to say he can shove it, but backs down, saying next time Batman will fight next to his wife. Then Diana approaches Selina, bringing up her reputation as a criminal but states she believes Selina is a good person and is happy her friend has found his happiness in her.

As the couple returns home, Selina asks Bruce if he was bad. He says he wasn't, but wasn't good enough, as this is all new to him and he's learning.

The Opinion:

So there you have it. Wonder Woman's got jokes. Ultimately, I enjoyed this arc... and I guess the previous one with Talia, as this is a very different kind of Batman book. Between Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder, it's astonishing to see something so vastly different but could stand side by side easily. And, broken record by now, Joelle Jones' art is superb. All that being said, I wish Wonder Woman's part in this story amounted to a bit more. There just didn't seem to be as much under the surface with various subtext between her and Batman like there was with Superman in the last two issues. 

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  1. I hope spending decades fighting an unyielding swarm of monsters actually has some impact on Batman and isn't just brushed off like it was just a day's work. But I'm not holding my breath.