Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Nightwing gets a New Creative Team in May

Hey! News! I'm going to guess more of this may be coming, but I don't know anything for sure... I will say that here's a part of my Nightwing review for tomorrow that I wrote this morning:
Who knows... maybe when May solicits come out, something will be up, as April just seems to be inventory issues (I'm writing this Tuesday morning, so I've yet to see, and I probably won't care enough to go back and change this once we learn what's up in May).
And god damn it, I'm still not changing it, also god damn it, I'm a wizard!

So anyways, the short story is Benjamin Percy formerly of Green Arrow and (at least as of now) currently Teen Titans, will be taking over writing with Christoper Mooneyham on art. I'm not familiar with Mooneyham, but a quick google search has me thinking "well let's see how he draws Nightwing" cus a lot of the stuff I'm seeing is very stylistically different than that of Dick Grayson, Percy on the other hand, while I had some serious issues with his New 52 stuff... which I thought was just dumb, I've really enjoyed Teen Titans and Green Arrow was pretty fucking awesome, so I'm cool with that.

Also random thing to note, apparently editor Katie Kubert is back at DC? I somehow missed that, as I assumed she was still at Marvel where she and Mike Marts landed a couple years into the New 52. Well, she's back, and part of the Bat office again apparently, as Ben Percy revealed she's editing his run of Nightwing. So that's cool. Her and Mike Marts were attached to a lot of the Batman stuff I loved prior to the New 52, so I've got high hopes!

Read more about the change at the source!

(Source: DC Comics)

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