Saturday, February 3, 2018

DC Brings Change in the Spring

So the day most of this news broke, I was in the middle of a 14 some odd hours between my jobs and then tonight I spent most my time moving my computer from one case to another, so forgive the lateness...

BUT HEY! Things are happening at DC. You've probably heard. It all started with the news that Scott Snyder, James Tynion and Joshua Williamson will be taking over Justice League (Snyder) and some more unannounced JL family titles. It all starts with No Justice, in May (June?) and Harley and Damian are on a team together so that should be fun.

Then of course DC went full Bendis with Brian Michael Bendis. He's taking over Superman, launching with a weekly mini-series, then taking on the writing duties of both Action and Superman. His creator owned comics are coming over to DC and he's getting his own imprint... No, he's not taking over Batman like some thought he teased on twitter. Though I'll bet his imprint is basically Ultimate DC where he can have his own Batman. That said, in the same Bendis news, we got word of a new one shot called DC Nation #0, which is the predecessor of a free magazine DC will be releasing... remember when they did that already and only had like one or two issues?

Anyways, DC Nation, which was probably the FCBD issue at some point, but not anymore, will be released May 2nd, the Wednesday before FCBD, for $0.25, free on digital (can't charge less than $0.99 for some stuff.) Included in this issue, we get stuff for No Justice and Bendis' Superman run, but also a short story from Tom King, Claymann and Jordie Bellaire about Joker finding out Batman and Catwoman are getting married... Given Tom King's record, I'm preparing for a fucked up Joker. And with that news, the wedding is apparently set for #50.

Lots of new stuff. This isn't all apparently. Scott Snyder has teased more to come. Bleeding Cool is reporting that Peter Tomasi might be jumping over to Detective, with Tynion being busy with Justice League stuff, and something else possibly. I wouldn't mind that, though I would have liked to have seen Tynion get to issue #1000 like he had said he wanted to, but we'll see. Chris Wildgoose, the artist on Batgirl bounced off that book for anew DC project yet to be announced. Outgoing Green Arrow writer Benjamin Percy stated that his next book is set in a city much more suited for his "dark sensibilities" and uh... Gotham fits that? He's got experience writing Black Canary, I'd like to see his take on Birds of Prey. Ultimately, I think a good handful of DC books are due for a refresh, like Birds and Batgirl, so lets see what news comes in the upcoming weeks.


  1. I don’t know if I miss something but did they ever explain how the joker became the joker again after superheavy?

    1. Maybe in Metal #6 or the Wild Hunt? One would imagine Snyder didn't forget about how Superheavy ended when he started Dark Days . . .

    2. I think it was just implied in Snyder's final issue of Batman that every day that passed he became a little more like himself. ("Not tonight.") Bruce probably kept his eye on him and nabbed him when he returned to form, locking him up in the cave where we find him in Metal.

  2. But all of that pales in comparison to the news that broke a few weeks back that has me the most excited...Superman is getting his trunks back. THANK GOD. ^_^