Wednesday, January 3, 2018

SPOILERS: Nightwng #36

Two issues into this new run, and I've got to admit, I'm pleasantly surprised.

The Spoilers:

Wounded, Dick is on a damn near wild goose hunt for the Judge, following whatever lead he can, and at a point just going to a well known crime infested area and just trying to find anyone who will talk. Ultimately, he's too late.

While Dick is hunting for him, the Judge is having a meeting with the corrupt Mayor of Bludhaven, who is eventually driven to confess that he's as crooked as they come. He cooked the books to make it look like the casinos were paying their 10% to the school districts, and figured that once they opened and established, they'd eventual go legit, but it never happened, and now he's covering up a cover up and the casinos use it as blackmail. It's very stressful, and after a night with the Judge, Mr. Mayor ends up killing himself. 

Not having stopped the Judge, yet again, Dick takes all the deaths personally, and when Bludhaven's casinos shutdown after the revelations that were sent to the press, he realizes that the Judge isn't fucking around this time, as the casinos were tied directly to Bludhaven's economy.

The Opinion:

Mixed in all the action, I somehow feel real sympathetic to a wannabe gangster shark man, whose presence is never addressed in regards to him being a god damn shark man. So I've said it before, my concern after reading the solicits for this arc was that it'd be another flashback story which I'm fucking tired of. Not true (well, unless contained to their own issues, like next it seems), both issues haven't even had a hint of flashbacks in here. All present day, establishing the villain by acts he's doing now, not being told about some shit that happened in the past just now. It also helps that the Judge is fucking cool so far. He's got a good look, he's charismatic, and he's mysterious. All those traits work really well for establishing a new villain... so you know... I admit when I'm wrong, and I so far was wrong to worry about this new arc. Color me impressed.

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