Wednesday, January 24, 2018

SPOILERS: Nightwing: The New Order #6

It's the end of the series! Everone probably lives happily ever after, right?

The Spoilers:

There's no getting around it, Dick sold the Titans out, he grabs Jake and tries to sneak away, while Kate and her army of turncoat super humans raid the Titan's base. Naturally, when Jake wakes up from being knocked out, he puts Dick on a big ol' guilt trip and they head back to help the Titans and finish their work on a cure.

As the fight goes on outside, Jake, Lex and Superman continue to work on the cure, and they get it, but there's a problem because Lex gonna Lex and he doesn't want to return to a world of unequals. So he's gonna give the whole world powers via a bomb under the city that'll destroy Metropolis. 

Here comes the part where all the heroes put aside their differences and save the city, with the help of Jake preventing anyone's death. 

Then time jumps forward. It takes five years, but powers are eventually made legal again. Kate retires early. Jake graduates, Dick and Kory remain friends and that's it, Dick spends the rest of his days trying to make up for what he did by teaching kids how to control their powers. Then it's revealed that the whole thing was an adult Jake recording his testimony about his father, so he could share it with his son Richard one day. 

The Opinion:

This was a really great book that surprised me in a lot of ways. For a one off out of continuity thing, it did a hell of a lot of world building that truly got me invested in the world... but that also brings my one complaint with the finale. I was so into this world, I wanted to know what happened to all the characters. Like what did Clark and Lois do? Where'd Lex go? etc. etc. We just got Jake and Dick's story which... okay I get it... but I totally could have used more. 

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