Wednesday, January 17, 2018

SPOILERS: Nightwing #37

I was worried about when this arc eventually went back and did the "this happened in the past because we can put whatever we want in the past, trust us" info dump... and yeah, I didn't like this issue much.

The Spoilers:

So, I mean... yeah, there's this lady Lucy, she owns a Hotel/Casino in Bludhaven, but she used to be a super hero protector, because everyone was, sure. She helped Batman and Robin on their first encounter against The Judge, where he wanted to crash a ship of toxic waste into the location of a casino to be built.

They prevented it from happening, but Judge got away because Robin was young and inexperienced. Dick remembers King Sturgeon and how he met his son Guppy, maybe he knows something since he took over after The Judge vanished. Oh no, Guppy has a casino chip and is gonna kill his dad.

The Opinion:

Obviously, I didn't like this issue much. I just don't like the "insert whatever story we want into a character's past because it's the past and we can do whatever to service our current story" trope. Lucy? Already forgot her. Who cares. It doesn't matter. That's what I've been conditioned after reading however many of these stories over the past couple years. Doesn't matter, whatever, that sums most of it up. I also just didn't like how this was told. The narration is literally Dick recapping this long story to Lucy. It's just unnatural. No one speaks to another person so in such a dramatic explanation. Then you've got the Judge, who has had this mystique in the last two issues, but here... he just seems like a run of the mill villain with no solid look who just explains his plans out-loud. Just sort of hokey. I just don't think this issue works, everything up until now sort of happened organically, this was just twenty pages of exposition I could have lived without.

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