Wednesday, January 24, 2018

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #973

I mean, if you've been following my predictions or just came across them yourselves, it's pretty obvious what happens.

The Spoilers:

Clayface is full on Godzilla, being lead towards the Victim Day protests, just like the First Victim wanted, which crosses a line for Anarky, who ends up knocking the Victim out and dropping them off where Batman's team is staged in Monster Town, along with info that could help point to who it actually is.

As Batman is distracting Clayface through the city, Kate discusses with him about a more permenant solution, bringing up the gun her father gave her, which Batman shoots down obviously. Elsewhere in Monster Town, Dr. October gives Cassandra whatever cure she has to inject Clayface's brain with, but she fears it may not be enough given Basil's current condition. Regardless, Cass takes it and makes her way towards Clayface.

Cass eventually injects Basil, who comes too his normal self and is devastated by what he's done. His form starts to destabilize and he tells Cassandra to run as he holds himself off as best he can. Kate then tells Cass to close her eyes and she takes the shot, right through Clayface's head.

The Opinion:

Given I was pretty damn sure what was going to happen, I don't have much to say about it as it wasn't exactly shocking to me. I'm more interested in what happens afterwards. Anything from Basil is fucking dead to "well he's a Clayman and can reconstruct himself and maybe Kate did make the weapon non lethal." The fallout that's coming to this book definitely outweighs the event itself in my mind. 


  1. The past few arcs have been pretty good, but I'm thinking about dropping this now. It's frustrating that DC won't let a villain remain reformed and in good standing. It sends the message to the readers that people who do wrong can never better themselves.

    But then, we're talking about a comic company that sent the message that female-on-male rape is easily forgiven and adopted children aren't as important as biological children with Morrison's run of Batman.

    At least Tim's making his climb up to relevance again.

  2. Does anyone else think First Victim and Anarky swapped places? FV tells Anarky that he can't penetrate this shield, but then the next time we see them, Anarky drops off FV unceremoniously and hands over a thumb drive with information about FV's real identity. I think FV defeated Anarky off-panel, took his costume, and slipped away - setting up a moment when they unmask FV and find Anarky underneath.