Wednesday, January 10, 2018

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #972

You know how future Tim said bad things were going to happen? Well, bad things are happening.

The Spoilers:

Minimal time has past, but in the course of it, Anarky and the First Victim escaped while Clayface chased Batman, who is dodging him, through Arkham. Batman tries to reason with Clayface, but he's gone. When Batman finally gets the upper hand with one of Mr. Freeze's old guns, he realizes he was just fighting a part of Basil, who had already escaped via the sewer lines connecting to Arkham.

At the Belfry, things are tense between Tim and Steph, until Tim remembers something his older self told him, mainly that the thing Batwoman does to break it all apart would happen sooner than he thinks, and then Tim gets a real bad feeling. Hails to Kate go unanswered, as she meets with her father on the top of a roof. Jacob gives her a weapon Ulyssess had developed that would destabilize Clayface's structure, essentially killing him. Use it, don't use it, figure out a way to make it nonlethal, Jacob just wants the weapon in his daughter's hands.

Batman regroups with his team in the Belfry. Kate shows up, Tim is immediately suspicious. Arguments happen, Cass gets them all to stop, pleading that they help Clayface. Well, Clayface is already there, attacks. Runs through everyone. Cass stands against him, refusing to budge or strike. She essentially calls his bluff when he says he doesn't care about any of them or their mission, and she's right to do so, because he returns to his Basil form, weeping at what he's done. But, the unfortunate thing is, apparently they had like... kept parts of Clayface in storage or something? Excess Clay? OH FOR THE MUD ROOM! I was trying to figure out why this happens but I couldn't remember it until just now while typing. SO, that all leaks, it's too much for Clayface to handle, he turns into Godzilla Clayface (see #973's cover). Bad.

Also, Anarky is starting to realize the First Victim doesn't really share his warped view of helping Gotham, no shit, bro.

The Opinion:

Like, if Kate doesn't kill Clayface next issue, we're really hyping this all up to be something it kind of isn't. I can't imagine all the teases lead up to Batman just being mad Kate used a gun that she made non lethal, because Jason says hello. Anyways, the Cass and Clayface relationship has been one of the better parts of this book for over a year now, and I'm glad it played such a big role this issue. It was a really strong moment in an arc that doesn't have many emotional beats outside of the constant action. Hesitantly curious to see how this one ends.

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  1. Batman has done a pretty terrible job of mentoring this group. Tim and Kate both do their own thing pretty much whenever, and Steph vacillates between being on the team and actively trying to undermine it. It’s hard to argue with the idea that the Victim Syndicate does have a point, and that maybe it’s not a good idea for an unaccountable vigilante to be running around with what amounts to a paramilitary force made up largely of teenagers with a mentally unstable ex-con mixed in.