Wednesday, January 31, 2018

SPOILERS: Dark Nights: Metal #5

One would think at the penultimate issue of the big event, you'd start to see where the heroes can turn it around... Nah man, all roads lead to darkness, through and through.

The Spoilers

So we've got a couple of large beats. On Thanagar Prime, Martian Manhunter reveals himself to aid Mr. Terrific and Green Latern in their quest to get Plastic Man to... whatever science shit they need. Turns out all the metals going through him, he's like a radio tower for darkness and due to all the dark shit floating through his head constantly, that's why he turned himself into an egg. They get to the big gun... BUT WAIT, everything converges in one, so let's go somewhere else first.

Below the surface of the earth, Aquaman and Deathstroke reach the earth's core, and there have been plenty of people there before, somehow, but nevertheless, Nth Metal.

Batman and Superman are doing their best to keep up hope and reach through to Carter Hall, they finally see a spark in the world forge and try to go deeper to find it.

Wonder Woman and Black Adam are going at it, but it doesn't look good for Diana, two against one... Until she gets knocked into the hidden chamber with Carter's mace. Things look better, until The Batman Who Laughs comes and shoots her in the back.... Remember when I said everything comes together? Wellllllll...

On Thanagar some of the Hell Bats intercept the cannon, Black Manta leads the others to Aquaman and Deathstroke, and Batman Who Laughs takes control of Carter's mace... They use the reversed to shoot and darken the earth's core, and the energy tranfers to the marc, and ultimately, everything's fucked, Barbatos wins, and the army of the dark invades Earth. Finding it somewhat funny, Batman Who Laughs leaves Diana to do what she does best, fight to the bitter end by herself. And she does.... though eventually she gets Hawk Girl on her side through the lasso of truth. The emerge to find an army of twisted Wonder Women and villains waiting for them. All Diana can do is let out a war cry and go to war, as across the multiverse, all hope seems to fade from Batman and Superman, who sink into the dead forge.

The Opinion:

I realize the last issue of this series is going to be oversized, but even the most deus ex machina of deus ex machina's has to be looking at this like "I don't know how I'm going to have enough time to fix this." Maybe there's some serious progress made in the Wild Hunt one shot, but damn... things just keep getting worse every issue. Even if I didn't like this series (I mean... I really like it, just to put it out there) I'd have to read the next issue just to see how this all gets fixed. So, to put it as bluntly as possible, this issue does it's job really well, and it made me really really want to see the conclusion of this.

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  1. I love this series, it's such a wild ride.

    Anyway, I can't imagine the conclusion will be any worse or asspull-y than "machine that grants wishes makes everybody live happily ever after".