Wednesday, January 3, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman: White Knight #4

Politics are far more interesting in Gotham.

The Spoilers:

As usual, lots of goings on in this book, but let's get to the meat: After a nearly violent encounter with (and incited by) Batman at a rally, Jack is brought into the GCPD where he uses his face time with Gordon to propose his GTO plan, which would see the money used for the Batman Disaster Fund funneled into the GCPD who would work with the best vigilantes in the city, along as they agree to GPS monitoring, cameras, and sharing of tech. Despite knowing who Jack is, Gordon, Bullock and Montoya can't find anything that wrong with the plan.

After a night on the town and marriage proposal, Jack and Harley's night is brought to an abrupt end when Neo Joker storms the GCPD with all the villains under her control, and then Jack's apartment. Neo Joker tries to prod the real Joker out of Jack, but it ain't happening. She then says the only option is to take the city, as Joker's narcissism and ego wouldn't allow for it, but Jack claims he's already taken the city his way.

Later Jack meets with Batgirl and Nightwing, who he figures he could sway over Batman and eventually does, as both have become increasingly displeased with his tactics of late. While that's happening, we get Neo Joker's background of how she just sort of stepped into Joker's delusion and became Harley, and after a good case of Stockholm Syndrome, she fell in love. Conveniently after that, she and Mad Hatter crack the files they stole from the GPCD and find some interesting info around Mr. Freeze, whose father was a nazi and worked with the Waynes. Scandal!

The Opinion:

So one of my issues with this book has been that it's felt so on the nose to such a blunt degree... but I realized in this issue that the book knows it's that on the nose and isn't trying to hide it. When books try to be cute and coy about how ripped from the headlines they are, that's when they get a stink face from me. So with how up front and honest this book is, I can't help but go along with it, because there's a lot of cool shit happening throughout mixed with genuine emotional moments like the reason why real Harley left or the origin of Neo Joker. I know I've been on board pretty much the whole time but I feel like it still needs to be said: man, this book is cool.

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