Thursday, January 4, 2018

Looking Forward: January 10th, 2017

I got a guess.
  • Detective Comics #972: That's Clayface as Batman in the scope, Batwoman kills Clayface.
We know she does something. There's literally no reason for her to aim a gun and shoot Batman, there's a Clayface specific annual coming up... remembrance? 


  1. Darnit...I mean, I only just realized that the brown bat is a symbol and all, but still...I love what Tynion did with Clayface, and now he has to die to end it all? That's not fair!
    I just wish I could jump into this comic to do a deus ex machina and save them all. Wishful dreaming, I guess.

  2. Here's my question: How exactly is Batwoman going to KILL Clayface? Surely she's not going to shoot him and the gun is just symbolic, is she going to do it?

    1. I have two ideas on that. On one hand, Kate could weaponize the cure Dr. October made for him. Secondly, she could use the safe guard Steph used to knock him out in "The Victim Syndicate" and this time kill him with it.

    2. Batman has developed anti-Clayface weaponry, which appeared back in #963 or #964, IIRC.