Wednesday, December 6, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #34

Nothing good seems to last. The next creative team has quite the enjoyable book to live up to.

The Spoilers:

I mean, it shouldn't take a genius to figure out what happens in the last issue of a writer's run with the big villain of his run... there's a big old fight between said villain and the hero. In this case, while Blockbuster deals with Pigeon, Nightwing settles his blood feud with Raptor, while the Run-Offs use their cure to deal with the "Mockbusters" in Bludhaven below.

As the fight goes on, and morals and question by both sides, Defacer eventually makes her way up to Dick to help the fight, by smashing Piegon, who had dosed Blockbuster with a double dose of his own medicine. Piegon being down distracts Raptor for a bit, which allows Defacer to tend to Dick. When Raptor's attention is drawn back towards Dick, they have one more fist fight, where Dick almost makes it through to Raptor, but is interrupted by a crazed Blockbuster who tries to land a fatal blow but seemingly misses. Except he doesn't? Due to Raptor's lack of feeling pain, he thinks he's fine, but slowly falls into a scrunched up mess of a human body.

With everyone who needed to be taken out being took out, Blockbuster feels pretty happy, and offers to let Dick stay, with Nightwing keeping the city safe on the up and up, while he keeps it safe his own way in the underground. Dick agrees and goes to shake Desmond's hand, only to stick him with Defacer's last dose of the cure. 

Before the police arrive, Dick and Shawn reunite and tell eachother how much they missed the other. Shawn says that she'll be with him as Nightwing, ready to help at any time, but can't be with him romantically because he makes her feel too happy and too angry all at the same time. As the police arrive, Shawn pulls a Batman and is nowhere to be found. 

Later, Dick is thinking everything over as he meets with Captain Svoboda on the docks, and in classic "I could leave this city" super hero fashion, he decides otherwise and wants to stay, cue heroic splash page with ominous villain in the back!

The Opinion:

And that's that, Tim Seleey's run with Javier Fernandez and company is over. Sad times. Hopefully Humprhies and Chang keep it up, because I really did enjoy this run through and through. Everything got wrapped up as you'd expect, don't really have much if anything to complain about. Going to miss this iteration of the book, that's all I can really say.