Wednesday, December 27, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #971

Sorry, all I can really think about now is the second pass on the cover's colors (opposed to the solicited version) is so god damn good.

The Spoilers:

The pressure against Batman and his team is mounting, as the Victim Syndicate's demands remain the same, Batman unmask himself and put an end to his practices. Elsewhere, many citizens dawning the look of the First Victim, start mass protests, organized by Anarky, a plan Stephanie had been aware of. With the Mayor on Batman's case about his team, Batman has the rest of his team split up and keep an eye on the protests while he deals with The Victim Syndicate at Arkham, where they've held up and tortured Clayface.

Batman arrives at Arkham and is escorted in by Anarky. Inside he finds The Victim Syndicate along with nearly a hundred guards, all working for them. Despite not wanting to do so, Batman plays his trump card, and locks all of Arkham down, a system he knows he can  only use once and was figuring he'd have to use it with the Joker, and then he takes every guard on in a fight.

Elsewhere, Tim, Stephanie and Cass are monitoring their protest but Tim thinks something is wrong. These protests were meant to disturb the grid, but all the areas are easily avoided by traffic, but they are all above sewer hubs connected to Arkham.

Cut to Batman having beat a hundred guards, because he's Batman. He unlocks the Asylum and calls the police in, but as they burst through the door, a driven mad Clayface bursts through the other. Batman tries to calm him down, but Clayface is gone, and this time he's been taught how to fight. 

The Opinion:

Look, it's the day after Christmas as of me writing this, and I would like to spend my time differently so let's just put it this way: This arc has been good, not the greatest of the series, but good, so this issue is good to. Art is better this issue. Only thing I would like to make note of is that the protests that are started here are similar to the ones we see in Gotham a year later in continuity within Doomsday Clock this week. I remember Geoff Johns singing James Tynion and Detective's praises early on in Rebirth, so maybe this is the seed that gets us there?


  1. You ever have a bad guy in comics you hate for the pure evil of what they do? Well, the Victim Syndicate just became mine. Sure, their concept and designs are cool, but them torturing Clayface into being bad again makes me disgusted with them.
    I have a theory on how this arc will end, but I'm pretty worried about it...

    1. Yeah, took the words out of my mind.
      Ugh. I'm mad Basil is probably going to bite it, as he's my favorite character in this book. Do you think Tynion has a plan for him beyond this arc?

  2. DC Comics, where your villains can never stay reformed. Lex, Basil... just wait for Selina to turn back to her old habits. Wonderful message for the kiddies: "Nobody can change for the better!"