Wednesday, December 13, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #970

Here's where everyone's well intended plans go horribly, horribly wrong.

The Spoilers:

Tim is on cocaine, and that cocaine is called Justice. Ever since he got back, he's been running a mile a minute trying to put in place systems that will make crime fighting almost automatic, and also bring in more heroes like the Birds of Prey and the rest of the Bat family. People are starting to get worried. 

After dealing with some cyborg ninja things, that got fighting data based on those photos of the bat team floating around, Kate heads back to her personal base, where her father meets her, explaining what had just happened with the Colony. He also explains that Red Robin is playing a dangerous game, saying there's multiple forces at work who have been waiting their entire career for Batman to undoubtedly cross the line, and he's getting there thanks to Tim. Kate doesn't think Tim is doing too much, but Jacob shows her a message he received, asking for his help, and asks if it's still Batman who is really running things.

Back to Tim, he analyzes the photos that were leaked and figures they came from Stephanies phone and immediately blames her, which doesn't sit well with Steph, not even given a chance to respond to the acusations. She points out that it was Anarky, which some how Tim didn't know about, and also tells Tim she figured out he's not planning on leaving this life. She goes off to confront Anarky, who Tim soon finds out isn't in his cell.

CLAYFACE! He wants to get better, he wants to help those he hurt get better, but they, Mudface specifically, wants to remain the way she looks so it's a constant reminder of what Clayface did to her. Here comes the Victim Syndicate and the guards they paid off to capture Clayface, promising his involvement is about to be exposed to the media.

The Opinion:

Boy, I do not like the art. It's just blocky, has costume inconsistencies, and... so much teeth. Other than that, I find Tim is kind of acting dumb for how smart he is, but maybe that's the point, he can't realize who dumb he's being due to how fast he's moving. I also appreciate that this is sort of doing what Nightwing did recently and bring things full circle. Just little logic things here and there that bugged me. Tim not knowing about Anarky's involvement, the school he was going to telling someone not related to him (Steph) personal details. Nit pick shit really.

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