Wednesday, December 20, 2017

SPOILERS: Dark Nights: Metal #4

Hey, spoilers, a bunch of crazy shit happens.

The Spoilers:

Okay, it's been awhile, so let's see where we're at. Remember how the Justice League went various locations then got sucked into the crossover that immediately put them back to where they were at? Yeah, they all still doing that, meanwhile Batman and Superman get away from the dark tower thanks to the intervention of Sandman. The duo is told of the creation of the universe, matter and anti matter, and there was a third entity who helped create universes at something called the world forge, within what they know as the Dark Multiverse. It was here that third entity would hammer out universes, the ones that were good would rise to the orrery, the bad would be fed to his dragon, Barbatos. But Barbatos eventually killed his master, and now we're at where we're at. So it's up to Batman and Superman to go to the World Forge where there's large amounts of pure Nth Metal, unlike the diluted versions they have on their earth, but if the World Forge is dormant, they're fucked.

Catching up with the Justice League, thinks are hectic and tense for Wonder Woman and friends at the Rock of Eternity, Aquaman and Deathstroke find a hidden passage under the King's tomb where the Nth Metal is supposed to be, and Mr. Terrific, Hal and Plastic Man are caught by Onimar Synn, who has taken over Thanagar with the help of Starro, and has a great weapon aimed at Earth as a back up plan for when the Dark Multiverse shenanigans get out of hand.

Back to Wonder Woman, Dr. Fate, and Kendra... well, Kendra goes rouge, on her mission from the Council of Immortals, and attempts to throw the Anti-Monitor's brain through the center of the Multiverse which would destroy the Dark Multiverse and god knows what else. Before she can, she seems to succumb to Barbatos somehow, and a metal body tears itself from her, as she proclaims herself to be Lady Blackhawk. Before anyone can do anything, Black Adam incapacitates Dr. Fate, and reveals that he and Vandal Savage struck a deal with Barbatos, and demands the brain from Wonder Woman.

Batman and Superman make it to the World Forge only to find it seemingly dormant, but guarded by Carter Hall, who like Kendra, has transformed, only he's god knows how many stories tall and has a giant hammer (see the cover of the Hawkman one-shot).

The Opinion:

Hey, that book that does crazy shit is still doing crazy shit. Go figure. So the only drawback for me personally is that Sandman and Hawkman are among my few weaknesses in terms of DC knowledge, so with this issue being pretty heavy for both characters and their lore, I'm pretty much just politely smiling and nodding my way through the issue. That said, I can appreciate good ass comic book spectacle, and this book continues to produce that in abundance, so despite the lack of my Batman-level knowledge on some of these things, I still easily found things to enjoy.

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  1. I want to see Babyseid wear the AntiMonitor's brain like a coonskin cap, ala Mr. Burns. "Look at me, I'm Davy Crockett!"

    Loved that bit with Superman nudging Batman to remember the things worth hoping for.