Wednesday, December 6, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman: White Knight #3

Well... you make a change to the lore as big as in this issue, I think it's safe to make some assumptions about potential twists and turns.

The Spoilers:

While Jack's plan to get all the villains working together to gain Batman's attention is in effect, disregarded Harley Quinn #2 is pretty bitter about her no longer being Harley, so she does the next best thing and takes up the Joker's identity in a plan to get back the man she "loves," or at least the chaos.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Batman has pulled Bane and Killer Croc away from the conflict, in an attempt to minimize the damage those two cause. Unfortunately, it's in the lower income neighborhood Jack is trying to revitalize, and recklessness leads to some major destruction, and Bruce getting wounded pretty badly, refusing any help as he leaves the seen a bloody mess, eventually ending up at Alfred's bedside.

Jack's plans worked out pretty well, as he was able to get into the wreckage caused by the villains and find documents of Gotham reserving $3 billion a year in tax payer money for "natural disaster" relief, but as politics do, Batman destruction was snuck in without anyone knowing, and guess how many natural disasters hit Gotham? Not many, but now the public knows.

Bruce wakes up to find himself hooked up to the equipment he had Alfred on, then sees Alfred next to him, having left a note before passing away. With Alfred gone, Dick and Barbara stay in the graveyard after the funeral and discuss their concern over Bruce now lacking his moral compass. Barbara also finds out about Jason Todd, who apparently came before Dick in this continuity, and the body was never found.

In Backport, Jack and Harley have an evening stroll and are eventually stuck up for a mugging. Said mugging is cut short as their met by Duke Thomas, an ex-special forces soldier who has become somewhat of a leader in the community. Jack and Duke discuss Gotham, the GCPD, and Batman, despite being on different cultural wavelengths, they definitely find some common ground as Jack asks Duke for help in his plans.

Elsewhere Gordon and Batman discuss the recent events and even Gordon seems to be cracking just a tad. Even more elsewhere, other Harley, now Joker Two I guess, finds a locked up Mad Hatter along with a comatose Clayface. She frees Hatter and learns of Joker's plan. With Clayface's brain, she asks if Hatter can overwrite Jack's control, which he can. Lucky enough, all the other villains are being "stored" in the other room.

The Opinion:

So over the weekend, Sean Murphy addressed a fan question about Jason Todd maybe being the Joker/Jack, by not actually addressing it. But he brought attention to it... and now, with such a big change to the Batman and Robin lore, and the explicit mention of there being no body, something is clearly up with Jason Todd in this story. It remains to be seen, but had it not have been for that tweet, I probably wouldn't be as aware of this as I am now. SO, there's that.

Outside of that, I really am continuing to love the mix of classic and new/twisted elements here. It's a new universe but almost feels nostalgic in a way, it's a nice blend. I think the political mess behind Batman is pretty well thought out, and good god, the art is still amazing. This book (and hell, the universe) is really starting to come into it's own. I'm quite enjoying it. 

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