Wednesday, December 6, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #36

The first issue of Batman in which Superman co-stars in god knows how long, yet Catwoman and Lois steal the show.

The Spoilers:

So, to get right down to the meat of the issue, there's some plot with Dr. Double X going on between both Superman and Batman, but it doesn't really matter, because he's a scrub. While each man deals with their half of X, they're being hounded by their better halves to call the other about Bruce and Selina's recent engagement. Both women play the same cards, and both get opposite yet similar responses from their respective emotionally crippled "boy Grant Morrison probably has a lot to say about the deeper homosexual tension between these two" man-babies. Nevertheless, both Lois and Selina see through the bullshit, and don't let up. 

Ultimately, their paths chasing X end up converging in an awkward hallway meeting in Metropolis. After quickly taking care of X, the two couples, unable to avoid the situation, propose going out to get something to eat.

The Opinion: 

Where Dick and Damian stole the show last arc, I'm starting to think Lois and Selina are going to steal the show in these two issues. I loved this issue for a lot of reasons, first of all: there are some genuinely funny moments, like Selina deducing Clark is Superman, because she's not oblivious, and Lois cutting the tension with a "And you must be Catwoman" to the woman dressed as a cat. Second, while I'm not super gungho about it on social media, I support equal and positive representation in comics, and you want a good issue with strong women just cutting through dumb macho bullshit? Well, here you go. Where something like the current arc of Birds of Prey is so over the top and hamfisted that it makes me groan on multiple occasions, this is two of the most iconic women in comics just straight ethering their partners with flawless logic and poking holes in every little excuse they make not to address their emotions. It goes back to my point of it kind of being a pretty funny issue, because Lois and Selina are just straight savage at some points.

Clay and Seth Mann, accompanied by Jordie Bellaire are back, and boy does this issue look great. With the inclusion of Selina, Clark and Lois, the art gave me a serious Hush vibe in the best way possible. I hope with some lead in time, we can get more from this creative team (along with Joelle Jones) between Mikel Janin and David Finch (if he's still aboard, would have thought he was next, but Janin is back for a Poison Ivy arc). Just a beautiful book, from start to finish.


  1. I get why some people have issues with the "King" Batman especially following up Snyder's run. However King is so perceptive and allows his characters to be incredibly introspective it is a pleasure to read. I think the issue is having this be the "main" Bat book. I know the shelves are already crowded with Bat family books but there is def room for this book to exist next to a Snyder type bombastic/horror/action version of the character giving the entire range of fans something they want.
    I have loved King on this run and have loved what he did with Grayson, Omega men etc.

    1. I love that this is the main Batman book. It's like a character study every issue, and it's introspection is by far its biggest strength. Its cutting through an area of Batman seldom explored, which I think helps keep it all fresh. The fact it's Tom King helps a bunch too, as well as the stellar art.

      I think as the three arcs ran its course people got where it was going, and what it was trying to do. I know I wasn't thrilled about the I Am Gotham arc, but it really set the stage for the rest of the series, and I think the sales have shown we aren't the only ones that stuck by.