Wednesday, November 22, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing: The New Order #4

This book reminded me of Saga in the style of narration, now it's gone sort of reverse Last of Us... which I also enjoy.

The Spoilers:

Kate Kane and the Crusaders continue to test Jake, and no matter what they do, the "medicine" they've got to combat the metagene isn't doing anything... if fact, it's not exactly getting better for their "cure."

Elsewhere, Dick wakes up to a somewhat hostile room of the Titans Resistance, consisting of Starfire, Wally West, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Lois Lane. No one is happy to see Dick, and he's not happy to see them, believing himself a prisoner now. On the contrary, that's not how Starfire and her team see Dick, as Starfire's number one priority is just getting her son back. To break up the tension, Cyborg gets some info from their mole in Dick's former organization, who is probably the girl with the hair, but we'll see. Turns out Jake's blood is actually reversing the "cure," so now the Titans see him as a way to reverse what Dick did... yeah but Dick is still pretty headstrong in what he did, so he's not exactly volunteering to help.

Starfire pulls Dick aside and the two have a heart to heart. It ends up in "I miss our son" then "me too" followed by Dick also saying he misses his wife and Starfire just giving him a look. Yep, not going down like that. Starfire then explains that she misses the man she loved, but Dick's actions ultimately made her feel as if she was on her home planet, enslaved. Dick realizes he's a dick, and they end going to get Jake anyways.

Find out he's in Gotham still, they break in, find Jake, but looks like Kate has a suped up Mr. Freeze running security, so that's bad.

The Opinion: 

So my favorite part of this issue was the one on one scene between Dick and Starfire, just because it was realistic. I've said it before, I find a lot of romance in super hero comics to be forced and awkward, and that scene was the perfect time to do the cheap "we love each other again!" But nope, reality biiiiiiiitch. It's refreshing to see Dick Grayson get shut down to his very core for once. Starfire's reasoning as why she's not playing this game with Dick is well thought out and displayed. It's hard not to agree with her. So I applaud this issue for not relying on cheap cliches.

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