Wednesday, November 15, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #33

More enemy of my enemy is still an enemy but fuck that other dude until Tim Seeley's conclusion next month!

The Spoilers:

Everyone's Blockbustering out, but the real Blockbuster is there to save Dick, and then probably kill him, because he realizes Nightwing was probably spying undercover in his casino, despite them "working together." Turns out, with the way things were going in Bludhaven, Blockbuster was going to sell a dumbed down version of his serum to crime lords and then sell the antidote for a higher price. Raptor stole it and now we're in this predicament. 

The Blockbustered out casino-goers are spilling into the street, so Blockbuster and Nightwing need to go deeper into the casino to initiate the bomb scare program and lock the place down. On the way up the elevator, they run into a roided out Tiger Shark. Nightwing allows Blockbuster to get away, and despite a little hesitation, he initiates the protocol intimate to save Dick from Tiger Shark. 

As Dick is composing himself, he finally gets a call from Shawn who tells him what Pigeon is doing with Raptor. What is she doing? Well, after Raptor couldn't kill Nightwing, as he say Mary's eyes in Dick, Pigeon gives him a pep talk and they enact their plan by using a whole bunch of birds like owls... you know, night wings, to spread Blockbuster's serum all throughout the city. That's bad, isn't it?

The Opinion: 

This is one of those issues where, I like everything what's going on, but I know the end is right around the corner, so I can't be like "I like what this is setting up" or "I wonder what's next?" Because it's nothing! Fun issue, gonna miss it. I don't know... happy Javier Fernandez is back to close out the run with Seeley, the book's art has been suffering from inconsistencies a bit lately.

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