Wednesday, November 15, 2017

SPOILERS: Justice League #33

Every now and then, DC remembers Cyborg is a thing and they give him a moment to shine. Well, it's that time of year again!

The Spoilers:

So as The Dark Knights are picking away with Cyborg, his Motherbox starts talking to him, saying the multiverse is at stake and the only way is to do as others (meaning there are others who are linked with a Motherbox like he is) have done... or not and failed... I don't know, ultimately, Motherbox wants to take over completely to save the day, but it would erase Victor. Another voice calls out for him to not do it and it's Victor who needs to save the day.

Ultimately Victor goes Super Saiyan, takes control of himself and his body again, rescues the Justice League, he's connected to the multiverse in some big way now, rescues Raven who was the other voice, and apparently they're close again because Rebirth. Justice League and Dark Knights fight a bit, but they get out of there real quick, and escape into Hypertime, where we see a bunch of recent universes like Flashpoint... and Futures End... That's probably something. Second time in two weeks Hypertime has been mentioned... anyone want to get Grant Morrison to draw it on the back of napkins again?

Cyborg wants to do something by "hacking the multiverse" while the rest of the league literally returns to where what they were doing before this entire crossover happened... almost as if the main series could pretend it never happened if they wanted to. But Batman Who Laughs says they're unknowingly spreading Barbatos' darkness, so ha ha.

The Opinion: 

I did not think this story was any good, really. Gotham Resistance was much better, accomplished more, looked interesting, and had great moments. This was just three decompressed issues of the Justice League losing followed by Cyborg getting his annual moment... which isn't really explained that well. Mikel Janin's art was nice. Wish he could have done the whole issue. At the end of the day, I think it's real cheap that everything more or less is back to where it was before the crossover started. I don't know... I'm looking forward to seeing what Christopher Priest does on this book now!

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