Wednesday, November 1, 2017

SPOILERS: Justice League #32

Sooooooo, this crossover may just be people punching each other.

The Spoilers:

So four members of the JL are separated and ready to square off against their evil Batman counterpart as Cybog narrates. Red Death's got a bunch of speed force cars, Drowned turned Mera into some giant sea beast, Merciless enslaved the dead Amazons of his world to fight for him, and we don't get to see too much of Hal vs. Dawnbreaker, because next week is a GL issue, also Cybog is all torn up, but we knew that.

The Opinion:

So yeeeeeeeah. There's not much meat to this story so far. Just... bad guy punch good guy. Maybe good guys will get one over at the end or they'll just leave that to the actual Metal series. There's just no tooth to this story so far... by the numbers super hero fights. I like Liam Sharps art though. It's a bit inconsistent at times, but looks good... except for Flash. He draws Flash waaaaaay too muscular. Remember when Tony Daniel drew Batman all roided out around the #700 era? Yeah, like that.

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