Wednesday, November 22, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #969

Bad things are on the horizon for the Knights... but really, when are they never not?

The Spoilers:

Michael Akins (hey, continuity) has not been appointed Mayor of Gotham, while Hamilton Hill Jr (look up his dad, I bet he's gonna be a bad guy) is now Deputy Mayor. Word on the street is that Batman isn't operating alone and he's got a strikeforce. Batman as one was a shaky enough concept for some, but now that he's got an army the Mayor is taking questions from the people if it's true and what he may or may not plan to do about it.

Meanwhile, Stephanie is visiting Lonnie in Arkham, because that's a good idea. He's still going on about how the Victim Syndicate is right and she can still join them. Steph leaves, passing Basil visiting Mudface on the way out, asking if "he" has found her yet. Steph assumes he means Batman, and doesn't pay any attention. Well, it's Tim. Tim shows up, Steph cries, they all happy now.

A couple weeks later, Killer Moth asks representitives of all the crime organizations to meet with him, and despite all the talk of him being a joke, he tries to offer protection in the form of a team to counteract Batman's, consisting of him, Zsasz, Firefly, Ratcatcher and Grundy. Tim and Kate are perched outside, almost complimenting Killer Moth on his better than usual plan. Kate starts grilling Tim about leading Steph on, as she thinks this whole situation is temporary for Tim to finish what he was building then they can go to school. Tim on the otherhand is planning on becoming the next Batman, as his encounter with himself shook him a bit. He figures if he fights it, he'll become what he saw, if he accepts it, maybe he can mold it to something different. Nevertheless, Kate tells Tim he's being shitty to Steph and it's gonna go down poorly. Speaking of going down poorly, so does Killer Moth's plan, because Grundy is actually Clayface, and things go as you'd expect.

Elsewhere, Batman meets with the new Mayor, who has received the leaked pictures of Batman's team and reacts as one would when he sees children and known supervillains working with Batman's private army.Ultimately, he just asks Batman where does it end? ALSO Elswhere, with whatever ties the Victim Syndicate have in the system, all of them, Anarky included are being freed in secret from Arkham, promising the end of Batman, coming from within his ranks.

The Opinion:

I'll just get it out there first, I think the art is pretty spotty throughout the issue. I've generally enjoyed Joe Benett's work before, but there are some problems here and there I can't ignore. Tim's POV of Steph's face... kinda wonky for my taste. Drew the old Batwing costume. Kate's mask is incorrect. Clayface looks like a giant piece of poop with arms and legs. Slowly but surely, Tec is loosing a bit of it's visual consistency with the double shipping, and it's somewhat concerning, as it's one of the last hold outs, as most other double shipping books have basically become books  of one writer, and whoever's free on art.

As for the story, I like how everything is circling around in this book. Nothing is forgotten for too long, it makes everything feel important. True, I wasn't a fan of the first Victim Syndicate arc that much, but that was due to Steph's fall into the world of being totally sanctimonious and obnoxious... hopefully we can ignore that this time around. One thing I didn't buy into is the book sort of selling that there's been this unrest with the public slowly learning Batman has a team in place. It's supposed to feel as if this is something that's been increasing overtime, but I just don't think the civil unrest was really well established in previous issues. It's not a huge problem, but in retrospect, I think the build could have been better laid out.


  1. Nice start to this really ominous arc. Benett's art is pretty ok throughout, but yeah, Clayface looks like a poopy ninja turtle. GS, do you have any ideas on what Kate's going to do at the end that shakes thing up?

    1. Kill someone, probably. There's a lot of stuff pointing toward that.

  2. Big takeaway from this issue is that someone had sex with Hamilton Hill Sr. (And yea, he was a bad guy. Pre-Crisis continuity.)

  3. "Gotham City already has a police department. It does not need a second." - Stupid New Mayor

    What is this guy, new in town? He fall off a turnip truck on his way in and they made him mayor as a goof? If Batman took so much as a bathroom break the city would burn to cinders. This guy will be gone within a year. What a simpleton.