Wednesday, November 8, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #968

Future Tim is sad. Present Tim is hopeful. Future Tim thinks Present Tim is going to be sad. SAAAAD.

The Spoilers:

Ulysses is still out there, sort of put on probation by the Colony, and he's not happy about it, but he picks up Red Robin's signal, along with all his drones being hacked by Brother Eye, but instead of trying to combat them when he hears they're going after Kate, he sort of just lets them go.

In Gotham, Future Tim makes quick work of his counter parts, dropping hints about stuff in the future, apparently he thinks Damian should be killed on the spot for what he does to the "Kent boy." Damian asks if he means Jon, doesn't get an answer. And finally, Tim is able to take out Bruce by cutting deep and getting him to mentally blink, so he can be taken advantage of.

Yadda yadda, Tim and Tim both head to the Belfry, fighting along the way, F. Tim gives more "You could have everything you want away from the Bat if you just let me do this" while the time stream keeps trying to pull him back. Has to knock out his younger self, goes to confront Batwoman, he stil mad.

Turns out Brother Eye's communications are blocked in Belfry because future Tim didn't account for Luke's improvements to his old systems. Between being without his tech, outnumbered, and the time line pulling at him, Tim gets beaten. Both he and Tim have a moment before he gets pulled back, with future Tim promising it all goes bad sooner than he thinks.

The Opinion:

I still have hang ups about Future Tim claiming to remember meeting himself when he was past Tim, so shouldn't he have known about Luke? But I guess not because past Tim only learns about Luke after meeting Future Tim... FUCK IT!

Cool ending to the story, with lots of teases for what's to come. If this was in the New 52 era, I'd be sitting here going "none of this is going to be delivered upon," but it's REBIRTH BABY, and if there's one thing this book has done, it's deliver on its promises so far, so I look forward to see what comes next.


  1. I liked this even more than Batman Lost this week. A really solid ending to what is probably Tynion's best 'Tec story and a testament to my favorite Bat-character outside of the man himself, Tim Drake. I hope Tim keeps being awesome.

  2. We get a homicidal Tim Drake and Donna Troy from the not so distant future this week.

  3. So... there actually was no coherent reason for Oz to have locked Tim up. Like, at all.

    And the mysterious people Tim saw in the other cells during his aborted escape attempt were............

  4. Yeah this story was trash. The panel where Future Ti is taking on Bruce, Dick Damian and Jason all at the same time was hilarious.