Wednesday, November 1, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman: White Knight #2

Joker is cured and he's going to suuuuuuue you.

The Spoilers:

Jack has made his case to Gotham, claiming the city profited on the waves of crime and turned him into what they needed him to become in order to continue their income generation. At the end of the day, Jack is made a free man, and he returns home to meet Harley. In his right mind, he tries to apologize to Harley and propose to her, but she rejects it and Joker's newfound sanity (with help of medication) until Harley shows up. Yes. Bruce Timm looking Harley, who is back and ready to take her place with the man she loves.

Harley goes on to explain that she had left and a new Harley took her place, Joker was too narcissistic to notice. Harley explains that the lynch pin was the Jason Todd incident, which is when it stopped being funny. In an attempt to try and get Batman's attention, Joker kidnapped Jason and was going to kill him, but Harley ended up stopping him. She went to call Batman and tell him if he agrees to bring Joker in and get him the help he needs, she'll lead him to Jason. When the two arrived to where Jason was supposed to be, all that was left was Joker and blood. Jack doesn't recall any of it, and asks if Harley knows what happened to Jason, she doesn't, only he knows, somewhere locked in his head. She promises to help Jack as he tells her that they need to turn Gotham against Batman and illustrate how much he's hurt the city.

Speaking of Batman, Mr. Freeze is making progress and on the defreezing tech... but it rapidly ages people when they use it... I don't get the thought here, but nevertheless, Bruce later attends a rich people gathering, where he finds some people actually do profit off of Batman's war on crime, at the expense of poor. He doesn't take that well.

Later, Jack and Harleen meet with all their old acquaintances and try to let bygones be bygones, but suggest teaming up to take down Batman, differently this time. None seem to want to work with him, but considering they somehow hooked Clayface up to Mad Hatter's mind control, then broke him down to dust, and spiked everyone's drink with him, Jack and Harleen now control the minds of all of Gotham's villains.

The Opinion:

I liked this issue a lot more than the first, seeing that I found a few holes in the general set up, but now that we've gotten past that phase and in to the meat of the story, it's standing out. I liked the Harley twist as well as the different spin on the Jason Todd event. I think the idea that the rich are profiting on Batman war zone real-estate is pretty clever. The bit at the end made Jack seem a little less noble than he'd like to be, so I'll be interested to see how that plays out next issue. I also really like the art... have I mentioned how well Sean Murphy can draw? 

That's not to say the issue is flawless. I've already sort of lost the thread of what Mr. Freeze's involvement is. His tech is keeping Alfred on ice, but he's trying to figure out how to reverse the ice process? All of this and he's still operating without a cure for his wife? Yeah, I don't know. Then there's the inherently political nature of the book. Sort of ripped from the headlines, which is fine, I don't mind... that said, if we want to get political about it, let's talk about the socially aware and the poor minorities of Gotham getting behind a super white Don Draper looking dude in a nice suit as their leader and symbol. Thaaaaaat seems like a stretch.

Overall, the first issue was a little rough around the edges for something I had highly anticipated. Those edges are more or less smoothed out in this issue and we've hit the road with some truly unique takes on the Batman universe.


  1. I love the fact that this clearly takes place in animated universe, or an offshoot from it. We have the original look for Harley, a more animated series look for Nightwing and Batgirl, little shades of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker with the Jason Todd bit (I also notice no Tim or Damien, which is interesting), and finally my favorite bat villain from the animated series Baby Doll appearing here referencing both her original episode and the fact she's with Killer Croc as of her second episode. Really gets me excited to read this thinking of it as a animated elseworlds

    1. That's interesting you say that, because I looked at it possibly taking place in the 90's film universe, just expanded. The first issue shows The Joker in a very Jack Nicholson way, then this issue with Freeze, and keeping Alfred on ice, seemed like it took place after Batman and Robin

  2. Sean Murphy said his inspiration was the 90s animated series and the 90s films.