Wednesday, November 8, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman: Lost #1

This one has a lot of Grant Morrison influence in it, and it shows, because it's pretty hard to figure out how I'm going to write it up.

The Spoilers:

ALSO, my hand still hurts from injuring it Monday, so that's why this is the last post of the day. 

So. Remember how in Metal #3, I think, where Clark sees a good old time but it's just a trick by Barbatos? That's basically happening to Bruce. He's telling one of his grand daughters a story of his first case, but he starts to realize inconsistencies and tries to poke at them, but his grand daughter keeps insisting that he's wrong and to continue on.

Eventually, Bruce splinters off into different stories, like the fallout of what happened after Darkseid sent him back to the beginning of time and how his presence lead to the various tribes spoken about in the beginning of the event, and Hath-Set and the Hawks. We also see some stories going back to Alan Wayne and his demise at the hands of the Court of Owls, who are part of the Judas tribe, that prepped Bruce for this. 

Throughout each vision, Bruce tries to poke holes and fight back, but eventually Barbatos plays his hand and reveals himself, confirming that Bruce's entire life has been molded by him to lead up until this point, even claiming to be the bat Bruce saw the night he decided to become Batman (which I believe Morrison did first, right?)

Ultimately, the book ends with all hope being lost, Barbatos forcing Bruce to succumb to the Dark Multiverse, and be sedated with false memories... you know, usual Metal happy stuff.

The Opinion:

You see, this issue is actually just DC's way to summon Grant Morrison with magick. You start referencing him enough, and boom, there he is! See you in Metal: Wild Hunt, or whatever it's called. 

But for real, this book is weird. Weird, but cool. It takes everything from original Batman stuff, to Grant's stuff, to Scott's stuff and mashes it all up in one issue to supplement Metal as whole... and it all works and makes sense to the extent that all this comic cosmic weird shit can. 

The art team knocked it out of the park too. Between Doug Mahnke, Yanick Paquette and Jorge Jimenez (who, I predict will be promoted from Super Sons to a real high profile book at some point), they all deliver their own unique, great looking styles for individual stories to be told within the Dark Multiverse. SURE, I would have liked to have seen Olivier Coipel like originally solicited, but nevertheless, we got great stuff to look at here.


  1. Was I the only one really upset about the indifference Barbatos had in filing the stories on the shelf? No organization at all. I'm betting that'll be his downfall

    1. Yeah, his Batcanon isn't organized by author, year, or chronological order! What about Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis? Pre-Flashpoint, Post-Flashpoint? New 52 and Rebirth? Bruce, you either suck at organization or the kids have been putting books back willy-nilly.

  2. I wonder what the book on the shelf titled "No Justice" is?

    1. Snyder implied on Twitter that it might be the next big Bat-story

  3. So Morrison's run never actually ended I see. Synder and everyone else just built on it. Neat. Loved this and how everything just ties together.