Wednesday, November 1, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman: The Devastator #1

Batman plus Doomsday equals one Superman hating machine.

The Spoilers:

This is weird because Metal 2 kind of spoiled what happened with this guy. We've got a Batman whose Superman turned on his world, so he infected himself with a Doomsday virus to combat and kill his Superman. So his plan on regular Earth is to infect all of Metropolis in order to give them the power to defend themselves from Doomsday.

And he more or less does. Comes in contact with Lois Lane, who he needed to see personally as she's some sort of conductor but because she was so close to Superman, his radiation caused her to be somewhat resistant? I don't know, lost there thread there, comic book science.

Anyways, rest of the Super team shows up, fights Devastator, doesn't do well. Anyways, Lois gets back to her apartment, locks Jon in a safe room she and clark had built, starts to succumb to the virus. Meanwhile, Devastator brings the Anti Monitor's tower to Gotham. 

The Opinion:

If anything, I thought Tony Daniel's Dark Matter book is going to look real good. He and Danny Miki can illustrate some big fucking monsters, that's for sure. Other than that, already knowing what happened sort of lessened the impact of this issue, that, and Batman + Doomsday Virus pretty much turns out the way anyone would expect in terms of reasoning and results, so this issue didn't exactly floor me. 

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