Wednesday, November 15, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman: The Batman Who Laughs #1

Yo man... this shit's kind of fucked.

The Spoilers:

No, really... like this is upsetting. Joker's running out of time so he decides to go all out with Batman, Jokerizing kids, killing their parents, all sorts of bad stuff, and finally gets to the point where Batman snaps and kills him. Upon Joker's death, a gas comes out of his body, and it later proves to be his biggest joke.

Later, Bruce meets with Clark to talk about what's happened recently and al the kids that were infected, which apparently nothing can be done about... and Batman finds it oddly funny.

Later, the whole Batfamily, Dick, Jason, Tim and Babs are in one of Bruce's training program, and when they discuss it with him, Dick figures out that they were training to fight him.  Bruce comes clean about what Joker did to him and how he's trying to fend it off... but eventually his funny side takes over and reveals the reason he brought everyone there was to kill them. And so he does!

Having gone full Batman Who Laughs at this point, the next we see is the Justice League satellite in fucking shambles, and Bruce over Superman. Lois and Jon are there to witness the horror too, and Bruce throws Superman some black kryptonite, which as he explains, he tested on Supergirl, and that made her (kyrptonian) go crazy and kill her family... So guess what happens to Lois off screen. Yep.

So Barbatos comes, Batman Who Laughs wants to destroy the multiverse, becomes the dude, and at the end we see he's telling his story to a man he has prisoner, wrapped and bound in bloody bandages. Who is it? I don't know... I'm going to guess Hawkman? Sure. Probably not, but we'll see. Anyways, Bruce says the Dark Multiverse's full invasion is coming along with twisted versions of ALL the heroes. 

The Spoilers:

So Scott Snyder and James Tynion have mentioned how messed up this issue was, and it sure is. It wasn't until the Superman family scene where it became just kind of uncomfortable to me. It's a weird case, because the issue was good... but it's not something I really want to read again. There was a time DC was getting super grim with everything, and boy this would fit in well.

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  1. It was more disturbing than good. I mean, it was fairly good, too, but it had all the subtlety and nuance as Snyder's Death of the Family arc. I don't mind a bit of blood and terror in Batman, but I'm starting to see the point of the people who think it could be a bit more creatively used.

    I did like how they got him to where they needed to be, though, and I wonder who the restrained person is. One of the three Jokers, maybe?