Wednesday, November 1, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #34

One of the drawbacks of these issues being released so quickly is forgetting key details that you probably should have remembered.

The Spoilers:

As Superman prevents Damian and Dick from entering Khadym, Selina and Bruce are surrounded by a lot of guys... they debate on what "a lot" actually is, but nevertheless, its time to fight. 

As the soon to be wedded couple are fighting off Talia's men, Talia herself is being informed of their engagement as she goes to meet them. When Bruce and Selina are worn out and somewhat victorious, Bruce figures that the fight was meant to tire them out. 

Talia appears and Bruce makes his reasons for being their known: He knows Talia is hiding Holly Robinson, and he needs to speak with her. Talia doesn't acknowledge the request, only simply asks if he has a sword, and being that he doesn't, she suggests he gets one. Obviously worn down, Bruce ends up taking a sword to the back. With him down for the count, Talia asks Selina the same question, and having no other option, Selina grabs the sword out of Bruce to face Talia.

The Opinion:

So when Holly Robinson was brought up again, I thought "oooooooh yeeeeeeeah, that makes sense" then kicked myself for forgetting it. Lots more comics come out these days! It's real easy to forget. Regardless, I just love how everyone interacts. Damian talking shit and Superman bringing up Super Sons, Damian and Dick being great together, as always, Bruce and Selina pointlessly bickering over semantics like a true married couple, and Tom King's notoriously stark dialogue fitting Talia like a glove. I'm reeeeeeally liking this arc so far.


  1. Wasn't a fan of Morrison's Batrun, but that moment of Dick and Damian sitting together was nice.

    Also, yikes, Selina grabbing that sword right out of Bruce's back. He's going to need a little extra TLC later.

  2. Just let Damian and Dick have a comic. Just do it! God, either let Nightwing have him as a main supporting character or give them a new book or something. How do we get a new Challengers of the Unknown book before a book with them together?

  3. I'd love a Robins book... The bat burger scene a while back had so much potential... Richard and Damien with Tim and Jason would be epic

  4. Do you have a Sword? Love that line and yes to a Nightwing and Robin book or a Robins book.
    This issue had me in the feels with the brothers and that fight scenes were on point. Selina looks good with a sword.