Wednesday, October 11, 2017

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #15

SO QUICK SUMMARY TO GET US UP TO SPEED: Bizarro was dying, Lex Luthor saved him, made him super smart, made a secret invisible base floating over Gotham, cleans up crime, but his intelligence isn't permanent. And go!

The Spoilers:

So Batwoman's team has noticed something, Gotham is quite, too quiet, as in crime is low and because they've got a tech genius in Batwing, he detects an invisible flying ship over Gotham, that they need to investigate.

Jason and Artemis still concerned about Bizarro, who is starting to lapse into his old self. Fast forward, and oh hey, Detective team snuck onto Bizarro's base, and captured to interrogate him. Jason and Artemis find them, and they fight... because I don't know. You see, Bizarro let them on the ship, he's too smart not to know it was compromised, yet him and his team haven't been doing anything bad, just stopping crime... yet the two teams fight. 

Ultimately, Detective team gets the upper hand and wins... then sends the Outlaws off to Amanda Waller...

The Opinion:

I picked a hell of an issue to join back in... just pure "super heroes fighting each other for no reason" bullshit. There's literally no reason! The Outlaws haven't done anything bad, and Batwoman verbally acknowledges Red Hood is an "extended" member of the family, it's not like she believes him to be a criminal, like wants the actual criminals to think. It makes no fucking sense... ESPECIALLY when they win, they ship the the Outlaws off to the Suicide Squad... YOU KNOW, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT BATMAN WOULD DO!

It's all just fucking dumb. Maybe Waller and the Squad are where this story needed to go, but getting there made no damn sense.

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