Thursday, October 26, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing: The New Order #3

The fallout from last issue's events, plus some updated status quos of our favorite Bats.

The Spoilers:

With Jake locked up who knows where, and Dick under interrogation, the obvious happens, Dick escapes. After "getting clean," Dick makes it to family man Tim Drake's house, and updates him on all that's happened. Tim agrees to help Dick find Jake (Central City) but that's as involved as he'll get. So Dick heads to Central City, is cut off by John Stewart, whose working for the Government (he's technically not a metahuman), Dick puts up a good fight, but hey, he's older. He eventually has to get a surprise rescue from Wally West, who brings him to a not so happy looking Starfire, both of whom are clearly part of some sort of resistance. 

The big subplot of this issue was Batwoman. Kate leaned into her military background as years went on, and eventually went to work at the Pentagon. When the Crusader program was created, she helped build it, but her bosses chose Dick to be the face of it over her. Dick doesn't believe she'd be that petty to ruin his life because of that, but that's where things stand now, and she's taken over with Dick going on the run.

The Opinion:

You know what I really like about this? Everything makes sense. Of course John would be working for the government. He's not a metahuman and he's got the army background. Of course Kate's background would come into play as she grew older and she'd be at at arm's length ally to Dick. It all just makes sense if this were to happen in the DCU. The world building continues to be top notch, with little hints here and there of  people's fates, or bigger things like how Gotham made the Batcave a tourist trap. Halfway through, this series has really turned out to be something well worth reading.

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