Wednesday, October 18, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #31

Unfortunately, we've hit the point where we know the current writer is leaving soon, so they're trying to wrap things up and bring things full circle, and sometimes it works and other things are just sort of rushed feeling. Ah well.

The Spoilers:

Blockbuster is off trying to be a pillar of the community, and Raptor is off exposing capitalist pigs, so naturally, their lines cross, and Raptor gets Blockbuster to transform in an event with a bunch of under-privileged kids attending as well as figuring out that Nightwing came to Desmond for help. Whoops.

Elsewhere, with a meta gang war coming (I didn't quite get that hint last issue), the Orca gang, whose actual name I just blanked on, is trying to steal some horseshoe crab blood (yes, there's an editor's note about it) to complete a mutation serum just so they stay on the level, but they're interrupted by Nightwing and Huntress. Nightwing calls back to Blockbuster to report what he found from the tip and learn of Raptor's attack, unfortunately for him, Huntress was listening in and was none too please that she was working with Dick off the whims of a mobster, you know... the same sort of people she hunts. So a couple of punches later and they're done.

Shawn and her gang of former misfits seem to be wanting to get out of the city, and despite her best judgement, she wants to warn Pigeon about what's coming to Bludhaven, only to find out she's been working with Raptor.

Back in the Casino, Dick is spying on Desmond, contemplating what Huntress said to him, and oh hey look, here's Raptor at the blackjack table, asking to be dealt in.

The Opinion:

So getting back to what I said about in the intro, it's clear loose threads are being wrapped up. I understand that's a thing that needs to happen, putting all the toys in the toy box, but sometimes it just bums me out. The big one in here is Huntress. I like Nightwing and Huntress as a team, always have. The sexual tension mixed with the somewhat adversarial nature between the two has always worked for me. So the scene with Helena, her reaction was so swift and sudden, I was left wondering "is this it, or is she just mad? I don't know" only to be answered a few pages later when Dick basically says it's over... I'm just like "Oh... well that sucked" Sure, in this book, it fell apart just about as quickly as it came together, but in the grand scheme of things, for Seeley to close the book on something that's been going since Grayson that abruptly, it just sucks. But that's how things go I guess! Blank slates are needed for the next guy or gal, at the expense of things we like sometimes. That said, I do appreciate how everything is being brought full circle... Like Uroboros... you know... Spyral... where Dick and Helena were...


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