Wednesday, October 4, 2017

SPOILERS: Green Arrow #32

Finale of this crossover, but Metal is far from over, so you can probably guess how well things go for our group of heroes.

The Spoilers:

It goes poorly! Very poorly! The long and short of it is that the heroes go deeper into Gotham, all while Dick is having visions of a giant fucking death machine, with all their friends strapped into it. They're eventually intercepted by the Dark Robin, as well as the Batman Who Laughs, who ends up seducing Harley into being captured and also put on the giant robot death machine. 

In the midst of the fight (all taking place in Bane's arena), Ollie has got one more arrow made out of Nth metal, or one of the spooky metals, I've lost track, aimed at the Dark Robin. Buuuuut the little cannibal is pretty quick, grabs Damian, and puts him in front of the shot, hitting his shoulder. Bad, right? Well, since Damian is a badass, he pulls the "drive the weapon deeper in, and out through the back to stab the guy I'm fighting" move, and sure enough, the arrow cosmically obliterates the Dark Robin.



With his "son" defeated, The Batman Who Laughs calls in the reinforcements in the form of the other twisted Batmen, and at this point, like usual, Dr. Fate shows up to get everyone left standing out of there. Everyone is a bit bummed that they've seemingly lost Gotham, but Green Arrow, the only optimist, apparently, points out that they did learn something... and that's how to kill them, holding the last arrow he shot.

The Opinion:

The only thing I didn't like about this story was that it's already over. Seriously, I could of used way more of this setting. This was the kind of stuff I was sold on with Metal, and man there's way too little of it. More DC characters in heavy metal album cover costumes, please. That's all I want. 

This was a really fun story for a crossover though. Went at a lightning fast pace, had great art every issue, and was just plain fucking fun.

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  1. Gotham Resistance was gold. Wasn't expecting so much emotional punch and character development for Damian. Lovely surprise.