Thursday, October 26, 2017

SPOILERS: The Flash #33

Remember how the last issue of Metal has the Justice League setting up a plan while things didn't go well for Superman? Well, it didn't go too well for everyone else.

The Spoilers:

You know how each of the League went on a mission to find so me metal? Well, Barbatos and the Dark Knights intercepted all of them and it goes poorly for all involved. 

Long story short, each Justice League member is abducted and their metal connected counterparts are taken to god knows where, while each League member is sent to a twisted Batcave, where they're to fight their Dark Knight counterpart to the death.

Other things of note, Devestator destroyed the Anti Monitor's tower, in an attempt to bring it to Barbatos, thus closing the portal Superman used to get to the Dark Multiverse. Also, Bart Allen's name is dropped, and Flash has a "alternate worlds" premonition like Dick did. There's like.. Anti-Monitor Flash, dead Wallys and Godspeed, so if you're a reader of the Flash regularly, pay attention.

The Opinion:

Like the Gotham Resistence crossover, this seems like it's going to be another fun fight, but maybe a little more basic superhero punching stuff stories instead. Throw some multiverse stuff in there like we got with Barry to spice things up. One thing I'm a bit let down with is the fact that the visual style remained the same. I would have loved to have seen this crossover take the same visual overhaul that the Gotham Resistance did, because that was one of the more striking and fun aspects of that story.

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  1. very annoyed by lack of continuity however. I know you don't actively read Flash but he is currently experiences issues with his powers due to an altercation with Reverse Flash. In this issue he has his normal powers back and there are no real clues as to how that fits into the timeline. I would assume that Metal takes place after Flash's powers inevitably get fixed but I am sure the next issue of Flash will have him with his negative speed force powers..... wish they paid a little closer attention