Thursday, October 26, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #967


The Spoilers:

No, for real. He's actually back. Bruce and Alfred pick up on his distress signal and find Tim in a hospital.

Once Tim is back on his feet, he warns the team of his older self and how dangerously capable he is, so the plan is to lock Batwoman up in a cell and put everyone on high alert... accept Steph, who Tim I guess gets word about off screen, while his older self is creeping on her in the dark. 

When everyone is waiting for Older Tim to attack, nothing happens, so regular Tim and Bruce try to figure out where he'd go if given the chance to see his life before it went downhill... Alfred.

Sure enough, older Tim meets with Alfred, and asks his old friend that if he had the chance to prevent himself from becoming what he was, but had to do something terrible to make it so, would he? Before an answer is given, older Tim is intercepted by Dick, Jason and Damian, and fight takes them to the Batcave where regular Tim and Bruce join in. 

Turns out older Tim had a larger plan that extended past sentimental moments, the batcave had something he needed, that only Bruce knew about. It wasn't finished, but Tim can put it to use... and then he activates Brother Eye, because it's not like that system's continuity is anymore confusing as it has been the past couple years.

The Opinion:

First off, it's great to see Tim back for real now. It's also great to see others like Dick, Jason and Damian brought in. I always felt limiting this book to the core team and not having constant cameos felt a bit silly. This should be the entirety of Gotham book, so step in the right direction. I guess the team name is the Knights too? That's cool. I like how they made a joke about it being so long without anyone saying the team name. And in the bigger picture, I really like this story simply because it goes places your average bat story doesn't. 

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