Wednesday, October 11, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #966

Tim is back! Times two! At least only one of them likes to murder, and not both!

The Spoilers:

Turns out future Tim wasn't much a fan of Anarky as he blasts him in the face with a gun, then runs from the police, who claim their section to be a Bat free Gotham (See Batwoman #6). Back in the cave, Tim gets messages from  his Titans, and zap, there he goes thanks to Mr. Oz, or Dr. Manhattan, or whoever.

Back in Oz's prison, Future Tim and Regular Tim do their best to run away from Doomsday, all while Regular Tim can't believe any of what's happening. Future Tim knows what his counter part is thinking, because he remembers experiencing this same event from the other angle, and assures Tim that what he's looking at is his future. But regular Tim states he never wanted to become Batman, and never would... Yeah, well, shit happens as Future Tim explains. After Bruce finally falls, Dick takes over for a short time, but Dick being Dick, and not completely messed up in the head, he moves on, starts a family. Tim then goes to search for Jason, who he eventually finds has succumb to his demons and is in no shape to be of any help. While Tim was searching for Jason, Damian goes all 666 and "nearly burns the city to the ground." So what happens to Damian? Tim takes care of him. He may not be the best fighter, but he's the smartest and always finds his way to solutions. Some further discussions are had including Future Tim telling Regular Tim that Batwoman isn't everything he thinks her to be.

Long story short, the escape Doomsday and find a way back to Gotham. Regular Tim tells his grown up person that it's probably best for him to return to his own time. Future Tim agrees, but tells Tim one thing: Make up with Connor, don't let that friendship die, it'll be one of his biggest regrets. Tim asks "Who's Connor?" to which Future Tim doesn't reply. He scans the timeline to see just how different things are, and sees the anomalies that Dr. Manhattan created. Future Tim then tests a theory, and gives Tim a big wound on his forearm. Future Tim takes off his gauntlet and sees a large scar, realizes he can now change the future, knocks Tim out, and promises to kill Batwoman, for reasons!

The Opinion:

So where Metal is just generally insane and great, this arc is shaping up to be insane in a continuity sense. Shit man, I expected gun wielding Batman to be Flashpoint Batman, potentially zapped away by Dr. Manhattan before he got erased in "The Button," but things got way weirder than I expected. Sure, when you start dissecting the various forms of time travel (as in, Future Tim claims to remember this occurrence, but when he's back in present Gotham, he's surprised by the timeline inconsistencies, but those inconsistencies are why Tim got abducted in the first place, leading to him meeting himself, and so on), things get a bit shaky, but nevertheless, what this arc is trying to do is really cool, and totally unexpected for your average Batman related book. Detective is back to being an absolute must read, that's for sure.


  1. I'm sorry... are we suppose to know the reasons future Tim wants to kill Batwoman?

  2. I hate when they try to make Tim into not as good a fighter as the other Robins. In the old Dixon series, he travelled the world getting better at fighting and even bested King Snake and Lady Shiva (in staff combat, anyway).

    Otherwise, I'm enjoying the Tim focus.

  3. When Future Tim is talking about remembering "an echo" of the encounter with Present Tim, I think he's actually talking about them meeting during the "Titans of Tomorrow" storyline in "Teen Titans". Because that encounter had a similar tenor - with Present Tim being disgusted by his future self and vowing never to become him - and because that story clearly didn't happen in the Rebirth timeline given Tim doesn't remember Connor.