Wednesday, October 18, 2017

SPOILERS: Batwoman #8

Big old drug trip issue in a story line I don't particularly like, so this one went by quickly.

The Spoilers:

So Scarecrow is "The Needle" of the Many Arms of Death, go figure. Kate's caught, going through some fear gas trip, has a bunch of what I'm sure to be emotionally fueld visions of her family and Safiyah, who... let's be honest, is anyone going to be surprised when she's the head of the Many Arms of Death? Anyways.

Kate wakes up in a cell next to Colony Prime, apparently the Colony was after the MAoD, because it's convenient, then Kate uses some stuff in her suit to break them out, but whoops, fear gas again. Here comes scarecrow.

The Opinion:

So yeah, a drug trip issue in the middle of an arc I already find to be boring, isn't great... just an excuse to breeze by a good chunk of the book. To be fair, I went back to look at Fernando Blanco's art, because it's great, but boy I don't care about Kate having emotions over her family. It's like if this was Batman and we just got a drug trip where he saw his parents getting shot again. Yeah, we know

That's about where I stand on this issue. Not much more else to say, because everything that happened around it was very basic and not a whole lot to go off of.


  1. I just started Batwoman last issue and have been enjoying it mostly for the art and because I love me some Kate Kane. If I liked this issue, would you recommend picking up the first six issues? Has it been one long arc or shorter standalone stories? Thanks!

    1. Long arc, with the exception of #6, which was essentially an issue of Detective Comics.