Thursday, October 26, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman: The Merciless #1

I feel like at this point I can just skip to the end, because it's like... yeah, Dark Multiverse Bruce and then he came over.

The Spoilers:

So Dark Multiverse Bruce and then he came over. ARGUS, Waller, SHADE, and the military want to use some special bomb to wipe out millions to potentially save billions, but here comes Merciless, who is Bruce Wayne with Ares' helm.

Turns out he's from a world where he and Wonder Woman fell in love, but he lost her to a great war and Ares. So in order to defeat the god of war, Bruce became the god of war. Tragic twist is, he became corrupted, despite his best efforts, Diana never died, tried to take the helm from him, and he ends up killing her. WHOOPS.

Bomb gets dropped on Langley, Merciless absorbs it as an instrument of war. Shit still bad for everyone. 

The Opinion:

I thought this issue was more of a return to form after a few of these one-shots I wasn't too hot on. The motivation was clear and the backstory was illustrated well, where as a few of these just sort of told you what happened, here we got the how and why as well. On top of that, Francis Manapul is as always, a complete beast, and this was probably the best looking of these one-shots. So yeah, good return to form, hopefully Devastator and Bat who Laughs close them out strongly.

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