Wednesday, October 18, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman: The Drowned #1

Bruce is Bryce, Selina is Sylvester, Aquaman is Aquawoman... well, we can't all be creative, can we?

The Spoilers:

So this Batman... or Woman, she comes from a gender swapped Dark Universe, where her love Sylvester Kyle was taken from her by meta-humans and rogues. Then Aquawoman appeared from the depths of the ocean, claimed peace, but Bryce knew better, and fought.

Eventually, Bryce splices her genes with that of some Trench looking creatures, better to fight Aquawoman and her people, and eventually wins. 

Dark Multiverse, gonna be destroyed, Batman Who Laughs, you get the picture.

Cut to the present where The Drowned is attacking Amnesty Bay, Aquaman and Mera try to stop her, they can't control The Drowned's water, Mera gets infected, Aquaman swooped away by Doctor Fate.

The Opinion:

These last two one-shots haven't really done it for me, unfortunate given how strong they started. I had to go look up on Scott Snyder's twitter to see what this Dark Batman represented in terms of fear... and apparently its along the lines of not paying attention to the threats below the surface... and it just doesn't fit. You'd think it's a reaction to losing the person you love to villains with power... but even that's a flimsy stretch. I think a lot of my problems with this issue is that the key part to this character's backstory, Drowned losing their version of Selina Kyle, is just told to us. We don't see it, we just have to take the issue's word for it, which never gets the job done for me. So yeah... bit disappointed in this one. 


  1. Sylvester Kyle, I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat.

  2. I hope the Merciless put these one shots back on track Dawnbreaker and Drowned has been lazy. I can't wait for the Batman who laughs one shot I believe Scott Synder wrote that one.