Wednesday, October 4, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman: The Dawnbreaker #1

What if Batman was a dick AND had a Green Lantern ring?

The Spoilers:

Waynes get killed, Bruce chases after Joe Chill, disregarding his fear, gets a Green Lantern ring, alternate universe baybay!!! He tries to kill Chill with, but the ring won't let him. Bruce's grief turns out to be so powerful that it makes the ring malfunction and activate lethal protocols, killing Chill. Bruce then tries to use the ring to bring his parents back, and that doesn't work so well.

Bruce then goes on to use his malfunctioning black out ring to punish Gotham by killing its villains and it's police who don't speak politely to him. The GLC shows up and tries to stop him, but he uses his ring's blackout and we see that in the absence of light, all sorts of monsters come out to play and tears the GLC apart.

With his world dying, like the others, he's recruited by The Batman Who Laughs, and is brought to Earth-0's Coast City, where he's confronted by Hal Jordan. Unfortunately, Hal's ring doesn't work so well against Dawnbreaker's, and he's zipped away from the battlefield by Dr. Fate, leaving Dawnbreaker alone in Coast City.

The Opinion:

So, they weren't all bound to be hits I guess. Once I saw the preview for this I thought there was a chance this would be different. With this story going all the way back to Bruce's origin (which is a trope I'm never tired of seeing mined... *cough*), it breaks the formula of these Batmen becoming who they are in interactions with Flash, Cyborg, etc. The arc of "Bruce is Batman, but something pushes him to an edge that he's feared, and then it all goes bad" is completely absent. Instead, we just get Bruce's origin getting changed and then he becomes a bratty edgelord with zero sympathy spared towards him. When he blasted Gordon away, just because, that's when I saw this as just being lazy "dark for dark's sake" storytelling. With out any of the trappings the first two issues had, this whole concept just doesn't work in an interesting way.

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