Wednesday, October 18, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #33

This arc is going to be like "Meet the Parents" except there are no parents, they're actually meeting ex's and also, international law is being violated in a big way.

The Spoilers:

Bruce and Selina are in the deserts of Khadym, which apparently is a big no-no. It's off limits to heroes, to villains, to everyone, and Batman being there is a pretty big problem, but, the newly engaged couple has some business to take care of.

Back in Wayne Manor, Dick, Jason, Damian and Duke have all been gathered by Alfred who wishes to discuss Bruce's current state of mind. All the side-kicks of various degrees flippantly guess that Bruce has been hiding another deep dark secret that's going to change everything, so on and so on. Alfred wastes little time putting it bluntly, Bruce has proposed to Selina Kyle, and she has accepted and now they're in Khadym. In the middle of their converation, Alfred gets a call from Superman, who asks why Bruce isn't answering the JL's hails. Alfred covers for him, something about Scarecrow, bedridden, etc. then hangs up, and informs the kids that the Justice League has gotten a call about someone invading Khadym, and they need Batman to respond.

Meanwhile, in Khadym, Bruce has enlisted the aid of The Tiger, on Dick's high praise of him, to which Tiger responds by calling Dick Grayson an idiot. Tiger really doesn't want to lead Bruce to where he wants to go, asking if he knows how many laws he's violating, and considering Bruce made those laws, he's well aware. Eventually the trio make it to a cave guarded by a very large man, who was put there by Bruce to turn away any heroes or any villains. Selina makes quick work of the guy, and the two travel further into the hideout.

Back in Gotham, all the kids don't know  how to react until Damian breaks down crying, and then they really don't know how to react. Damian claims to know why his father is in Khadym, and clearly doesn't feel great about him being there... it's because the only thing that awaits Bruce in Khadym is his mother, Talia al'Ghul, who has been alerted to her former lover's arrival.

The Opinion:

After a somewhat spotty response I had to The War of Jokes and Riddles, this first issue really got be back on the hype train. I love the idea of there being some confrontation Bruce has to take care of with Talia about his engagement that will require the Justice League's intervention. That seems suitably crazy and complicated for Batman, and I'm really excited about the possibilities of where this could go.

This issue also sees the return of some of the dry witt and humor that Tom King brought to the book, mostly through Alfred, but the panel of all the boys (and dog!) reacting to Alfred's announcement was  just expertly portrayed by Joelle Jones. Speaking of Joelle Jones, I must admit, while I'd heard her name before, I was pretty much unfamiliar with her work outside of seeing some previews of that Supergirl mini series she had been drawing. I came away from this issue really impressed by her work. She draws a great Catwoman, her desert gear Batman looked fantastic, and she paid enough attention to detail to actually make Damian look like he has some heritage other than Caucasian. Her and Jordie Bellaire made this yet another standout in a book that has had some superb art.

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