Wednesday, October 4, 2017

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #14

And so the series ends... until it's brought back (probably with a different name) in whatever the prestige format DC seems to want to say nothing about, is.

The Spoilers:

Look, we're wrapping up here, so the major conflict is split twofold. In the past, Alfred stops Briar from attempting to murder his father. They obviously have a falling out, Briar thinks Alfred weak for caring and having love in his heart, and tries to kill Alfred himself rather than lose another protege to weakness. That didn't work, clearly. 

In the present, Alfred ends up shooting down the plane Briar, Nemesis and Bruce are on, and when Alfred goes to rescue Bruce, he's confronted by Nemesis, who he believes to be Brair's son, brought back from the dead. As Briar commands Nemesis to kill, it's eventually revealed that Nemesis is a twisted clone of Alfred. 

Using that to their advantage, both Bruce and Alfred try to break through to Nemesis in order to save their asses, while Briar demands blood. Blood Briar gets, as Nemesis eventually turns on Briar, killing him. Before he leaves, he tells Alfred that he's nothing like him, and that's that.

Back in Gotham, we learn that Alfred went to the Waynes shortly after his events with Briar, and had found a bunch of letters his father never sent, the day he met Bruce. So you know, fatherly feelings and all that.

Also, there's a running device about pirate stories, which... I don't have the time to explain, so there you have it.

The Opinion:

The more issues this arc had, the less and less it became about Batman, and it was more an All-Star Alfred book, which is why I enjoyed the story. We don't get many Alfred centered stories these days, so when they come, and if they're good, I'll always enjoy them. This was also a nice counterpoint to the story Scott Snyder told with Jarvis Pennyworth waaaaaaay back in the Court of Owls back-ups... which were also illustrated by Rafael Albuqurque, HOLY SHIT I SOLVED THE CASE!

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  1. I was a little shaky here and there on this arc, but ultimately it ended up rather good, with an interesting twist. Wait, now not only does Bruce have a lookalike out there in Hush, but Alfred has his own, too. I wonder if Nemesis will end up Tommy's butler? Eh, somehow I can't imagine that happening.