Wednesday, September 13, 2017

SPOILERS: Teen Titans #12

NOTE: This takes place after Dark Nights: Metal #2, so if you care enough not to be spoiled, wait til after you read that one. (Post should go up 15 minutes after this)

The Spoilers:

It's been a few days after the Challengers mountain popped up in Gotham, and Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman have all gone missing. Inside Arkham Aslyum, The Batman Who Laughs, breaks in to Riddler's cell and offers him a metal card, the same card he's given to many of Batman's biggest rogues, which will allow them to make the world around them as they see fit.

Sometime later, Damian and the rest of the Teen Titans fly into Gotham City, and find walled rings around it, with the mountain in the center. The Titans want to help those still in the city while Damian is intent on finding his father, feeling like if there's any chance, he'd be deeper in the city.

Damian enters the first ring, and finds a labyrinth world created by the Riddler, filled with stairs going up the walls and death traps galore. Also, Green Arrow is there, and Damian sure doesn't think highly of him, but what else is new. The duo go deeper into the maze, avoiding Riddler's traps until they find Batman, or a zombie version of Batman, meant to torment Robin. Damian isn't that thrown off, but hey, neither are Harley and Killer Croc, who are on a super secret mission for the government, and that's all they say... So down with zombie Batman and on with the odd couple times two team-up.

Eventually the group make it too the center, where they find Black Metal Riddler in a giant Minotaur mech, and as you'd expect, the group eventually beats Riddler, because hey, it's the first issue of this story, and go deeper into the city. Batman Who Laughs is disappointed, saying Riddler just had to give them an answer allowing them to beat him, but that's why he was the first line of defense. Nevertheless, he has to protect the mountain, and his favorite Robin, a jokerized cannibal version of Damian seems up for the job.

The next ring in Gotham is frozen solid, and it doesn't take long to see that Mr. Freeze is behind it, because here he is, as a giant frost beast, chasing Nightwing... or it's a frost beast he made? Sure, whatever, to the next issue of Nightwing we go!

The Opinion:

So the big draw for me and this crossover is that it 1. Is involving a bunch of books I already read and enjoy, 2. the setting and visuals are crazy,  and 3. Metal has been really fucking fun, and so is this. Honestly, this issue could get by on Damian just having new punching bags to be a dick towards, and Green Arrow fits that mold perfectly. But honestly, there's something stupidly enjoyable about seeing Riddler in corpse paint inside a giant robot. Does it fit in line with his character? Of course not, but in the case of Metal, I'll take the pure insanity over being that guy who tries to find something wrong with the continuity. 

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