Wednesday, September 27, 2017

SPOILERS: Suicide Squad #26

I'm sitting here trying to think of a dumb metal music pun to make and figure "welcome to the jungle" is the easy layup, only to realize the cover beat me to it. Boooooooo!

The Spoilers:

Yadda yadda, Amanda Waller sent the Suicide Squad into Gotham, Harley and Croc were eager to protect their city... NOW EVERYONE'S ON A MAD MAX BUS FROM HELL BEING CHASED BY FLAMING MAN BAT'S! Why? Because it's fucking cool, that's why.

The bus eventually crashes down into a lush garden of giant plants and one Poison Ivy... who let's just assume is influenced by the metal and isn't too pleased to see anyone, even Harley, to her disappointment. To the makeshift team's luck (?), the possessed Starfire comes to their aid (?) and starts burning shit, saying the Batman Who Laughs wants them. The team uses the distraction to make their way from Ivy, but are met by the main evil Robin and the rest of the Teen Titans and Suicide Squad. So there starts a battle, and it doesn't go well for Dick, who squares off against evil Robin. Said Robin knows that Dick is hiding something from the rest, as he slashes him to shreds.

Croc offers himself up to fight evil Robin, allowing the rest of the team to make their escape, deeper into Gotham. They eventually find Mad Hatter's tea party, but despite Harley's interest, and everyone else knowing better, they keep running. They eventually come to a stop where Dick finally admits to Damian that he thinks Batman is dead. Damian refuses to believe it, but his resolve weakens as Dick kneels down and hugs him.

As the Tweeds catch up to the team with battle axes, they're saved by Mr. Terrific, who makes a timely intervention, telling them there's a way out of the madness.

The Opinion:

These one off issues where Sejic draws Suicide Squad are fuuuuuuuuuucking cruel. I want more. His work on Aquaman is great, but I selfishly wish he was on a book I liked more. This was definitely more of a pushing deadline issue for him, as there wasn't nearly as much rendering or intricate pattern work as some of his Aquaman stuff (or if you want to go way back, similar to early Witchblade or Sunstone splash pages, have I mentioned I'm a fan of his?), but it's still as expressive and animated as ever. God damn, I love his work... so glad DC was able to bring him into the fold.

On the story side thing, it's still just flat out fucking fun, with great character moments woven in between. I've enjoyed the hell out of every issue of this story so far, and can't wait to see the conclusion. The Justice League crossover in November has a lot to live up to.

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