Wednesday, September 27, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing: The New Order #2

Well, after the first issue, you had to figure things go wrong at some point... and boy do they go wrong.

The Spoilers:

Before we get back to the present, Jake narrates what happened to his father. Super powers became out of control, and things came to a boiling point when there was a giant battle in Metropolis that went on for days, with thousands dead. It all ended when Dick activated his weapon, de-powering 90+ percent of the world's heroes and villains, including Jake's mother, Starfire. From then, Dick's identity would be exposed, Gotham and the country would eventually celebrate him, he'd survive an attempted assassination, and ultimately become the face of the anti-power force.

Back in the present, Dick meets with Michael Holt in secret to discuss Jake's powers. Dick thinks it'll be an easy fix, put him on the meds, deal with the press, and it'll be over in a few months. Holt thinks otherwise, Jake is resistant to the drugs and it's not long before he'll show up on the task force's radar. 

Back at his home, Dick discusses with Alfred what he plans to do, and with no options looking to be in Jake's best interest past being able to live his life in peace with some serious drawbacks, Alfred suggests that there are other countries in the world that don't have the same laws. 

Alfred later speaks with Jake in his room, trying to ease the boy's concerns that he and Dick don't get along anymore. The next morning, all three wake up to Dick's house being stormed by his own task force. Ultimately, things go very poorly, as despite Dick's best efforts to calm the situation, Alfred tries to protect Jake and is shot dead in the process, causing Jake's powers to go off. Jake is tranqed, Dick is cuffed, and the family is taken away.

The Opinion:

I feel like there was more than two weeks between the first and second issue, in that time I totally forgot that the narration here reminds me of Saga in a great way, and boy do I enjoy it a lot.

I also like how we get both big dumps of the state of the world like the opening, but more hints here and there, such as Alfred suggesting not all the world conforms to the new laws, which I'm sure will be touched upon.

Two issues in, and the duo of Higgins and McCarthy are truly creating a unique world, and building it at a satisfying pace, all while looking real great while doing so.

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