Wednesday, September 20, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #29

If the Batman Who Laughs is death metal-ish... I'd say Ice Golems are pretty power metal-ish... Nightwish... Nightwish is the only band name that I can remember. Is Nightwish still a thing? ...what was I talking about. Nightwing? Close enough.

The Spoilers:

As the cliff hanger would lead you to believe, Mr. Freeze is super into giant ice golems that really want to kill all our heroes. Fortunately, Nightwing has a plan to get Robin, Harley, Killer Croc, Green Arrow and himself all to safety, giving them a fighting chance... an armory kept by the Court of Owls that has hoarded special metal weapons, capable of being used against all the nonsense going on outside of Gotham... the only problem is they have to get to the armory first.

There are also other problems, like why is Nightwing's forehead bleeding? It's the same cut Deathwing gave him from Dr. Hurt's blade, which was made from the same metal that caused all this nonsense, and those visions Dick and Damian had in that arc? Visions of their Dark Multiverse, so Dick knows a thing or two about what's going on... sorta. But Damian is still pissed they're not looking for Batman, but Dick reassures him they will find him, just like they always do.

Outside of Gotham, the rest of the Teen Titans come across the Suicide Squad, who are looking for Harley and Croc. I wouldn't say an uneasy truce is even formed before they're attacked by the Dark Multiverse Robins and their leader, but hey, it happens... long story short skipping to the last page, they all get possessed.

Back inside Gotham, again, long story short, the "Resistance" gears up, and goes to war with the Ice Golems and Freeze, they win, hooray for good guys. Now they can go on looking for Batman, like Dick promised... buuuuuuuut Dick's connection to this event through the wound recieved at the end of Dr. Hurt's knife, hasn't exactly stopped his visions, and he already knows that Batman is in a bad spot and they're not going to find him.

The Opinion:

Like the first issue, this second issue just continued to be fucking fun. All the character interactions are great, everyone's got cool looking one-off costumes, the lore goes deep, it's everything you'd want in a good comic. I loved how the theories about the Dr. Hurt arc were validated further, and knowing now what we know about Metal, it re-contextualizes a lot of that arc, which is stuff I really do love. I really enjoyed Paul Pelletier's art here as well. Given a good inker, his stuff can really look good, and with Nightwing getting a creative shake up soon, and it still being a double shipping book (I think), wouldn't mind seeing more from him.

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  1. maybe I misread the end of this but I thought the batman who laughs brought forth a jokerized version of the teen titans from his earth to fight the current teen titans