Wednesday, September 6, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #28

I'll take any return to Spyral I can get. Ended too soon, if you ask me. At least we have these short flings... Speaking of flings...

The Spoilers:

Mr. Minos! Remember him? He's on the cover, of course you do. He's back! Sort of... long story short, Minos made copies of himself with stolen Cadmus, STAR, etc tech... and this one thinks he's the real thing and boy does Minos hate Dick Grayson for ruining all his plans, now he wants all his memories and skills for Spyral things. Uh-oh.

Elsewhere, in Bludhaven, Mouse is trying to kill a sleeping Blockbuster, but Defacer catches up to her, stopping her from doing so, but Blockbuster transforms and they bail real quick. Meanwhile, Pigeon is lamenting Defacer leaving her and promises to take her down too. Drama queen.

Back in Spyral, Dick isn't doing too well, meanwhile Helena and the girls plus the hidden, now found Lotti are trying to come up with a way to hack themselves into the room Minos, Dick and Tiger are locked in. Lotti figures a way in, Helena implants an idea into Dick's head via the tech Minos has hooked up, and Dick manages to bait the Minos copy into questioning his existence, classic robot stuff. Leaves an opening long enough for Tiger to escape and get the drop on Minos, and down goes the weird robot clone.

Dick is leaving Spyral, along with Helena who doesn't feel Spyral is who she is anymore. She continues to explain this to Dick on the way home and one thing leads to another, annnnnnnnnd they're doing NAKED STUFF. 

With classic timing, this is when Shawn feels it necessary to apologize to Dick and of course she sees what's going on through the window, first gets angry, then hurt, and leaves. Not knowing that, post-Naked stuff, Helena (or Dick, not real clear) gets a call from Tiger to inform them that Minos let Raptor go... and that's not great.

The Opinion:

So I've made my love for the Grayson era Spyral stuff clear, and though I totally don't ship characters, I'm pretty okay with Dick and Helena fucking, just saying. All those things considered, I'm pretty happy with this arc, and bringing Raptor back is a nice way to tie the early parts of the book into the present. I'm not sure how Mouse figured it was Blockbuster that got Giz killed... maybe it's just confusion, because he was the one to take over the Bludhaven underworld, so of course he'd be responsible? Not sure. That's like my one criticism, but maybe I'm just missing something. The only other thing I'd say is I just wish this arc was longer than three issues. Need more Spyral!

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  1. It was totally Dick that Tiger called, he says his name.

    Poor Shawn.