Wednesday, September 27, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #965

He, in case you haven't heard yet... Mr. Oz was revealed. Going to be using his supposed real name openly in here, so if you're not caught up with Action Comics, oh well?

The Spoilers:

"A Lonely Place of Dying" happened. That's all you really need to know. None of the three or so New 52 Tim Drake origins happened. Lonely Place of Dying, the end. Mr. Oz is interrogating Tim questioning his motives and why he's so eager to return to the life he had planned to leave. Ultimately, Tim answer's Oz's questions until he doesn't, claiming he allowed himself to be interrogated because it takes less brainpower to tell the truth, which allows him to multitask and crack into the computers around him, which he's discovered Kryptonian tech in.

KYRPTONIAN YOU SAY? As Tim escapes his immediate cage, he and Oz have a little confrontation and the Jor-El secret is revealed to Tim. Jor-El tells Tim that he sees much greatness in him, along with many similarities between the two. He goes on to say that there's another party at work... who if I'm to editorialize, probably has a blue radioactive dick and doesn't like to wear pants, but that may just be me. Without many answers, Tim is left alone by Jor-El, being told to take the time to reevaluate what he wants from his life.

Tim desperately tries to send a signal out to Batman and surprisingly enough, gets a response from him, requesting that Tim's old cell be opened. Tim returns to his old cell to find Batman... but this Batman isn't quite Batman. For instance, he's quite mad and berates Tim for opening all the cells... also, he's using a gun. Tim figures out it's not Bruce, but isn't quite ready to find out that it's actually himself, from the future... Oh hey, Doomsday's here too.

The Opinion:

So, I'd like to point out that Tim Drake was taken by Mr. Oz twice. Once in this book, and the actual first time being the end of the New 52 Batman Beyond series. If I'm right, we now know why there are two Tim Drakes and now we may know a little more about that flash-forward series we saw in Batwoman #6 and that's coooooooool.

Stories like Justice League vs. Suicide Squad and The Button left me wanting for Rebirth answers, but we're finally getting into the meat of things, and the Superman books don't get to hog all the fun. It's really awesome to see a Bat related character, who isn't Batman, be so embedded in a story such as this that will absolutely have repercussions on the entire universe.

Oh and let's welcome Eddy Barrows back to the book. He was missed... well... I didn't miss the way he draws teeth.. and people smiling. It creeps me out. The other 99% of the art was fantastic though!


  1. First, what's with this BS about Tim "knowing" he'd never be Batman? DC spent the entire 1990s building up Tim as "the Robin who would become Batman someday". Morrison came along, suddenly he became chopped liver because Damian was the REAL heir, since he was biological (with Dick stepping back in just for the time being). This disrespect for Tim is depressing, especially since usually Tynion writes a pretty good Tim (and is the only one left who seems to be able to).

    Also, why is Jor-El concerned with Tim Drake if his goal is just to get Superman to leave Earth with him because "they don't deserve him"? If he dislikes humans so much, why should he care?

    1. Tim was always the batkid who didn't want to do this long term so I'm cool with it.
      Hated when his solo tried to turn him into Damian / Bruce hybrid. That's not Tim

  2. I think it's because Tim reminds Jor-El of himself; an intelligent, goodhearted person that set out to stop his people from destroying themselves. Jor-El was ignored and the Kryptonians ended up being destroyed anyway, and because he's sees some of himself in Tim, he's trying to get him to see the light. Maybe he wants Tim to come with him and Supes?

  3. Is Tim Drake the Batman of tomorrow that's trying to kill Jon Kent?

    1. No the Victim Syndicate [ the story with Tim] has nothing to do with The SuperSons of Tomorrow

  4. According to JTIV the future Tim is the version from Geoff Johns' Titans of Tomorrow storyline, as opposed to the Batman Beyond version.

    I have to agree the rationale for Oz to kidnap Tim seems *really* thin given what we've been told so far. Even if he admires or respects Tim (because I dunno, reasons, because how would he even know about Tim), that standing alone doesn't explain kidnapping him. Then after a pile of exposition he just leaves, neglecting to let him know Doomsday is there? And why exactly did he grab Doomsday?

    I do like the restoration of the original origin story for Tim - the New 52 version was crap, and I like that he's back to having actually called himself "Robin".

  5. The in story reason was very poor and I doubt anything will come of it since Superman books are ignoring it. However the point is that Tim needed fixing and a sort of come back. The reason was so Tynion could have him return in glorious fashion and to have some story for the origin fix.

    I doubt Tim is the Batman from Tomorrow trying to kill Jon since the Victim Syndicate is something else entirely.
    Glad to have Tim back with some of his origin restored but really sad that he is still Nu52 button pushing overly confident Tim.
    Tim is talented but he wasn't a bragger