Wednesday, September 13, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #964

On one side we got Clayface being real bummed about stuff, on the other side we've got Stephanie being a big bummer in general. What to do?

The Spoilers:

Story A! Clayface is vising Mudface in Arkham, and tells her that Dr. October is working on a cure and they may be able to put everything past them. Mudface on the otherhand tells Basil while she enjoys the company, he still hurt her in a horrifying way, and nothing will erase that. Later, emotionally distraught and on the tail end of a long test for Dr. October, Basil looses control as Clayface and it takes Cassandra to forcibly place his bracelet on in order to turn him back into Basil, putting him back in control. Later, Basil and Cass share a moment as he breaks down, sorry for what happened.

Story B! Anarky's got a utopia, and hey look, all Steph's friends are there, Leslie Thompkins! Harper Row! And Anarky wants to get smoochy, but Batman shows up and he wants to get punchy. Batman shows Steph that Anarky has been working with the Victim Syndicate, which doesn't sit well with Steph... even though she worked with them too (uh oh, I've got some problems!) and then everyone gets punchy with Anarky. Batman takes him away but tries to tell Steph about Tim, but she of course bails.

Meanwhile at Arkham, a crooked guard slips Anarky's phone to The First Victim, and says he was successfully able to clone Steph's phone so they've got evidence... and a picture of Batman and Clayface? I don't know.

The Opinion:

So, Clayface story... that's all fine and good. Moving on!

Here we are, back with no logic Steph... BOY SHE GOT REAL MAD ABOUT ANARKY WORKING WITH THE PEOPLE SHE SIDED WITH AGAINST BATMAN! Sure sure, she didn't technically fight along side them, but close enough. Then we've got Harper and Leslie, hanging out in underground city, run by some guy in a mask with armed fucking guards. Both of these characters have close ties with Batman, hell Leslie knows Bruce... no one said "this is off" at all? A lot of this logic is stretched... I was hoping the Harper and Leslie thing was a fake out... but nah, just sorta dumb the more you think about it.

Yeah, I'm ready to have no more Spoiler stories in here... these three issues and the Victim Syndicate arc have totally soured me on her.

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