Wednesday, September 20, 2017

SPOILERS: Batwoman #7

New arc, old foe, similar problems.

The Spoilers:

Since the last arc ended, Kate has been hunting down the different members of the Many Hands of Death, and that has lead her to the Sahara Desert, where her plane is shot down and she's stranded. Mixed with flash backs between her time on that island and seeing her sister recently (boy I dropped the previous series hard after a certain point, so I've got no idea whats going on there), Kate struggles with the heat.

Then she gets attacked by Colony soldiers... but they're baboons? Something ape-like. Fends them off, walks through the desert some more, symbolism and stuff, then Kate finds an oasis, drinks from it, and it's drugged by the Scarecrow, for reasons.

The Opinion:

This was a very sparse issue, not aided by the fact that we're still going back to the well on the Island story which I stopped giving a shit about almost immediately. My personal feelings aside, very little happened in this issue, no where near enough to hook me on the new arc. Kate crashes, baboon soldiers? Scarecrow is in the desert for some reason. End. It was one of those issues where I got to the end, tried to turn the page (mind you, I'm on a tablet, so I've got no physical reference to the end) and went "oh... I guess that's it?" Had to be an under 5 minute read, which the flash backs didn't aid at all.

Speaking of flash backs, I know this will probably sound hypocritical because I'm enjoying War of Jokes and Riddles, but I'm ready for everyone to just stop with the flashbacks. There have been a lot of them across the board, be it Batman, Batwoman, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, whoever. Creating some secret past for whatever character being written is just a lazy excuse to justify the present story. Want to introduce a new character who has some ties to the main character? Great. Find a way to get me to care about them... Telling me "oh, they totally knew the character whose name is on the cover in the past, so you should care about them because the titular character does... totally." isn't going to work. Using the secret past thing just seems like a reason to pass up actually taking time to develop the new elements, opting for shoehorning them in. I don't know. Just noticing the trend a lot in recent years and it's one of the things that gets me to bounce off books if it isn't done extremely well. Kate's ex girlfriend? Boring and uninteresting. So there's my problem, if we're going to rely on that weak crutch continuously through this book, I'm not long for it.

On a positive note, with Steve Epting seemingly off doing something else now, Fernando Blanco is a worthy replacement. He and John Rauch step in with their own style, but the change is cohesive enough to stick with the book's original aesthetic.


  1. How else are new elements that are part of a character's past supposed to be developed, if not for flashbacks? That's how we see the context for those new elements. That's worked for me in this series. I'm completely invested in the Coryana stuff for that reason, because I've seen that it's important to Kate.

    1. My general thought, is just stop adding shit to the past.

    2. It feels more like establishing the relationships among Safiyah, Kate, and Knife.

    3. I feel it would be more effective if Kate meeting these people in real time would be a better story. It's basic show don't tell. Show me the relationship build and sour, don't say "oh it happened in the past"

  2. I agree w/ everything here. Bennett does have issues w/ the execution of story line here. I want to feel the presence of Knife and how much of a threat she is to Batwoman with and without the cape & cowl. If Knife is this much of an adversary, she needs to be felt which she doesn't to me.

    A lot of the flashbacks could have been stated in dialogue , which might feel like exposition. However, if done well could have been some biting dialogue between the pirates and Kate to create that tension.