Wednesday, September 20, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman: The Red Death #1

If Batman being better than everyone else and finding ways to beat whoever, then perhaps these one-shots aren't going to be for you, because on top of everything, Batman is probably going to be a dick too.

The Spoilers:

So, if the concept of these one-shots and Dark Multiverse hasn't settled in for you yet, here's the deal: Every dark thought/fear leads to a possible world created in the Dark Multiverse. Think there's an infinite number of worlds, where new ones are created for every decision you didn't make, where you make said decision on that world. Real Grant Morrison shit. Anyways, these worlds in the Dark Multiverse are doomed to die, that's just the deal, and on them, bad things happen. Get it? Well, let's proceed.

SO THIS DARK WORLD IS FUCKED! Earth -52, I think? It's a world where Batman has lost all his family, and he's starting to feel his age, so he wants the ability to go back and fix everything, and instead of promising to save Gotham, save the world, that's the only way. What does he need? The Speed Force, and the Flash is not willing to give it up, so Bruce attempts to take it by force, using all the Rogue's weapons against Barry.

Bruce eventually gets the upper hand on Barry by injecting him with the some stuff Mr. Freeze uses to keep his wife on ice, giving him just enough time to knock Barry out before his metabolism burns up the chemical. Barry then wakes up strapped to the hood of the Batmobile, connected to the engine, as Bruce races it forward into the Speed Force, coming out the other end as the Red Death, but Barry isn't dead, he's just trapped inside Bruce, forced to stand by and watch as he rips through all of Gotham's criminals.

As his world continues to crumble, The Batman Who Laughs contacts Red Death on behalf of his master Barbatos, with a proposition. And here we are, Red Death in our world, in Central City, where he finds Iris and Wally, then attacks, causing everyone around him to age rapidly, including the Flash who shows up shortly after. The Flash is unable to do anything and before he's killed, he's transported away by Dr. Fate, as the Red Death is left alone in an unguarded Central City.

The Opinion:

So where Scott Snyder promised Metal wasn't going to be some grim story (opposed to high octane super hero action stuff), these one-shots seem to be where the messed up shit is going to happen, because boy do we enter the darkest timeline here. Barry trying to reason with an off his rocker Bruce is just sort of hearbreaking, and then we learn his fate of just being trapped inside the body of an insane Batman with the speed force who likes to murder... it's just dark. Dark, dark, dark. That said, I think the reasoning at the very end of Red Death wanting to attack Iris and Wally was sort of flimsy... as in I didn't get it at all, but it was hardly a focal point of the issue.

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